The last days of the Soviet Empire. August , 1991 (4) Video

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Mikhail Gorbachev flew to Moscow. So did the GKChP delegation. When Vladimir Kryuchkov, Dmitriy Yazov, and Alexander Tizyakov arrived in Moscow in the early hours of August 22 they were arrested at the airport. In the morning of August 22 Gennady Yanayev was arrested in his office. Boris Pugo together with his wife committed suicide on August 23. On the same day Valentin Pavlov and Vasily Starodubtsev were arrested. Oleg Baklanov, Valeriy Boldin, Oleg Shenin were arrested on August 24.
Since a number of heads of the regional executive committees supported GKChP, on August 21 Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR by its Decision No.1626-1 authorized Russian President Boris Yeltsin to appoint heads of regional administrations, though the Russian constitution effective at that moment did not provide such a right to the President.
On August 22 the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR by its Decision No.1627/1-1 declared the historical Russian white-blue-red national flag the official national flag of Russia, instead of the Soviet red flag.
In the night of August 23 -- August 24 the monument to Feliks Dzerzhinskiy, the head of Vecheka, in front of the KGB building at Dzerzhinskiy Square (Lubianka) was dismantled.
On August 24 thousands of Moscow citizens took part in the funeral of Dmitriy Komar, Vladimir Usov and Ilya Krichevskiy. Mikhail Gorbachev posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union to them. Boris Yeltsin asked their relatives to forgive him for not being able to prevent their deaths.
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