Adventure Quest Zeruel (lv 130) vs Everything in the Void Video

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1. AQ Encyclopedia
2. My character Page
3. Über (the strongest) spells
4. Über armors, the path to Reign and Shadow set
5. Pets
6. Xp, gold and z-tokens
7. How to record a video and add music
8. What music did you use?
9. Black attack menu
10. Black face
1. AQ Encyclopedia with info about every armor, house, accessory, monsters, npc, pet, guest, shield, spell and weapon in the game:
2. My character page:
3. Info about the überspells:
MegaInferno (fire): Guardian Tower shop. Frost Elf Attack (fire): The z-token shop.
Riptide (water): Go to Warlic's shop, mix Magma Leaf + Mermazon Kelp + Slattwob Dust. This can take you to a few places, one of them is Pirate Day (if you don't get there, try and mix the potion again until you do), answer all 20 pirate questions, and then you can buy Riptide.
Brilhado Feathers (wind): Go east on the travel map twice and complete the Deep Lake quest.
Earth Fury (earth): Guardian Tower shop.
MegaShock (energy): Guardian Tower shop.
Ice Nine (ice): Warlic's shop.
Illuminate Ultra (light): Warlic's shop. SuperNova (light) The z-token shop.
DarkSplatter (darkness): The z-token shop.
4. Which über armour should I buy and where can I buy them?
The Golden Plate has the best defence, but bad attack, so this armor is great for spellcasting. It can be found in Alnaphar, by the rainbow.
Shadow Cloak has the best darkness defence in the game and good other defences, and ok attack. It can be bought after completing the Alnaphar quest.
Nemesis plate has a little worse defence than Shadow cloak and a little better attack, it can be bought in Chilly's shop in Frostval.
Reign plate has the worst defence of the übers, but the best attack of the lv 75 über armors, it can be bought after completing the Alnaphar quest.
The lv 90 Asgardian plate (found it Thunder Mountain) has the best attack of all the übers and also very good defences. More info about them and other armors can be found here:
Maps for completing the Alnaphar quest:
Reign part 1: noh2.png
Reign part 2: reignzl1.png
Shadow part 1: numbralwh9.png
Shadow part 2: ng
5. My pets (and a few others as well):
Fairy Godmother (the big angel) and the NerfKitten can be bought in Guardian Tower shop.
The 3 Muhrbles (the dragon like things that floats with a balloon) can be bought in Save The Muhrbles quest, you can reach it from Zorbak's hideout.
Keeshin-Kin (the owl) can be bought after completing the Greenguard Forest quest.
Deadeye Cupid (the little flying thing that paralyzes) and the Sleestak (the flying dragon that does element x damage) are rare, and can't be gotten anymore.
Oh, and Baby Void Dragon is also rare.
6. Where can I get xp, gold and z-tokens really fast?
You can't. Getting a lot of xp, gold and tokens takes a lot of time and patience. *The best place for gold is Vince's maze, you get there by clicking Rip in the Sky (from the first town), then go left and click the machine, and talk to Vince. The goal in the maze can be on 4 different places, learn them and you can farm it quite fast.
Nightbanes fortess, The water orb quest, Benju Wetland are ok places for gold.
*The best place for xp in the game for high level players is Keld Naer, use Undead Mutant and Dragon Blade (you just have to find it first).
*Enemies that are higher level than you have a higher chance of dropping z-tokens. However, there are no good places for getting z-tokens fast.
Farming guides and other guides:
7. How do you record you videos and how do you add music and text?
I record them with hypercam2, it's free, here it is:
And I add music and text with Windows Movie Maker.
You can however have music in your videos even without Windows Movie Maker, if you record sound direct with hypercam while you record the video.
8. What music did you use in this video?
Check the description in my old videos, and the credits (at the end) in my newer videos.

9. How to get a black attack menu:
Click the line connecting the attack menu with your hp, mp and xp.
10. How to get a black face:
Mix Frogzard Tear + Moglin Essense + Bad Juice in Warlic's shop.
Do you have any questions about the game?
Get them answered in my
Ultimate Adventure Quest Guide, here:
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