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After quite a few requests from you guys, here's my version of Piece of Me. At the time this song was released, I was busy submitting an entry for MTV's Piece of Me video contest. What a NIGHTMARE that was. You had to use their sucky software and ONLY the limited clips they provided. So it feels good to finally make a video for this song the way I wanted it to be.
For those old schoolers out there, yes, that's Debbie Deb's "when I hear music" chiming in the background of this mix along with T-pain. Come on. you can't deny it. it makes you wanna bounce. THANKS TO MY ALMOST 1,0 SUBSCRIBERS!!
Enjoy -
Philip aka BritdeoMaker
ps. To all you Britney haters. QUIT WATCHING BRITNEY SPEARS' VIDEOS IF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH. And PLEASE quit littering my comment sections with your trash talk. Find something you actually enjoy watching on Youtube! You only have a gazillion options. And here you are watching Britney videos? I never seem to understand that.
pss. Congratulations Britney, it seems you're on the right track, focussed and getting your life back together. None of us REALLY know what it's like to go through what you do on a daily basis as captured in some of these clips. I applaud you for your patience and coolness after all these years with the paparazzi. I'd flip (and not just my finger)!!
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