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In the Associated Press they did a report that over 41 million people are exposed to pharmaceutical drugs in TREATED drinking water.
We have all heard the saying 'There is something in the water' Well There IS.
Time to Stand UP and Get Pissed for Once AMERICA. Remember your baby's formula is now being contaminated with drugs.
'There Is Something In The Water' well this saying is no more just an idea of a conspiracist. This is
what is really going on across America from major cities to suburban neighborhoods.
Are you the Americans going to take this with a smile. Are you going to trust the government to fix
this problem when they dont even have any regulations for it. What are you going to do.
The New World Order, Big Corporations taken over, 911 inside job, Alex Jones, Micheal Moore, George Bush,
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, IRS, Illuminati, Free Masons, WTC, Major Media, Corrupt Politicians, Iraq,
Iran, Israel, Jews running the world, Terrorist trying to take freedom, etc. All of this does not matter
when Americans cannot even get up and DEMAND CLEAN WATER.
Below is a list of some of the pharmaceuticals they found in TREATED drinking water.
Amoxicillin — for pneumonia, stomach ulcers
Azithromycin — for pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases
Bacitracin — prevents infection in cuts and burns
Chloramphenicol — for serious infections when other antibiotics can't be used
Ciprofloxacin — for anthrax, other infections
Doxycycline — for pneumonia, Lyme disease, acne
Erythromycin — for pneumonia, whooping cough, Legionnaires' disease
Lincomycin — for strep, staph, other serious infections
Oxytetracycline — for respiratory, urinary infections
Penicillin G — for anthrax, other infections
Penicillin V — for pneumonia, scarlet fever, infections of ear, skin, throat
Roxithromycin — for respiratory, skin infections
Sulfadiazine — for urinary infections, burns
Sulfamethizole — for urinary infections
Sulfamethoxazole — for traveler's diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary and ear infections
Tetracycline — for pneumonia, acne, stomach ulcers, Lyme disease
Trimethoprim — for urinary and ear infections, traveler's diarrhea, pneumonia
Acetaminophen — soothes arthritis, aches, colds; reduces fever
Antipyrine — for ear infections
Aspirin — for minor aches, pain; lowers risk of heart attack and stroke
Diclofenac — for arthritis, menstrual cramps, other pain
Ibuprofen — for arthritis, aches, menstrual cramps; reduces fever
Naproxen — for arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, aches; reduces fever
Prednisone — for arthritis, allergic reactions, multiple sclerosis, some cancers
Atenolol — for high blood pressure
Bezafibrate — for cholesterol problems
Clofibric acid — byproduct of various cholesterol medications
Diltiazem — for high blood pressure, chest pain
Gemfibrozil — regulates cholesterol
Simvastatin — slows production of cholesterol
Carbamazepine — for seizures, mood regulating
Diazepam — for anxiety, seizures; eases alcohol withdrawal
Fluoxetine — for depression; relieves premenstrual mood swings
Meprobamate — for anxiety
Phenytoin — controls epileptic seizures
Risperidone — for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe behavior problems
Caffeine — found in coffee; also used in pain relievers
Cotinine — byproduct of nicotine; drug in tobacco, also used in products to help smokers quit
Iopromide — given as contrast agent for medical imaging
Nicotine — found in tobacco, also in medicinal products to help smokers quit
Paraxanthine — a byproduct of caffeine
Theophylline — for asthma, bronchitis and emphysema
Carbadox — for control of dysentery, bacterial enteritis in pigs; promotes growth
Chlortetracycline — for eye, joint, other animal ailments
Enrofloxacin — for infections in farm animals and pets; treats wounds
Monensin — for weight gain, prevention of severe diarrhea in farm animals
Narasin — for severe diarrhea in farm animals
Oleandomycin — for respiratory disease; promotes growth in farm animals
Salinomycin — promotes growth in livestock
Sulfachloropyridazine — for enteritis in farm animals
Sulfadimethoxine — for severe diarrhea, fowl cholera, other conditions in farm animals
Sulfamerazine — for a range of infections in cats, fowl
Sulfamethazine — for bacterial diseases in farm animals; promotes growth
Sulfathiazole — for diseases in aquarium fish
Tylosin — promotes growth, treats infections in farm animals, including bees
Virginiamycin M1 — prevents infection, promotes growth in farm animals
All these pharmaceutical drugs and more were found in TREATED WATER SUPPLY.
Do something for once, stand up and be heard, stop this insanity NOW.
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