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Hello, and welcome to the Dennis Kucinich for President, weekly update for Monday, October 22nd. This is our latest installment on a regular series of reports to keep you informed on Dennis's race to the Presidency.
This past Week, Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich has paused from his campaign schedule as he has been in Washington, working hard on his congressional duties, for his constituency in Ohio's tenth district.
Meanwhile, The Oxford Research Group, a highly respected British think tank, issued a report that underscores and corroborates all of the major points that Ohio Congressman Kucinich has been making for years regarding the war in Iraq and the disastrous consequences of starting a war with Iran.
The report found that, the war on terror is failing, and instead fueling an Increase in support for extremist Islamist movements. It called, for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq, coupled with intensive diplomatic engagement in the region, including with Iran and Syria. And, said one of the authors, Going to war with Iran will make matters Far worse, playing directly into the hands of extreme elements and adding greatly to the violence across the region.
Dennis's campaign tour was in full swing last week as he and his wife Elizabeth visited four Southwestern states in four days. As the Congressman had duties to attend to back in Washington D.C., Elizabeth continued to tour New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, meeting with local Mayors, citizens and Native American community Leaders.
Elizabeth spoke to these groups about our country's energy policy and how global warming and global warring are linked, both are fueled by oil. She urged people to
vote for Dennis as a true representative of the American people.
Just this weekend, Dennis and Elizabeth attended seven various events in California from San Francisco to San Diego. Events included the much anticipated, San Mateo County Straw-poll, where Dennis was greeted by a rousing crowd supporters.
Esquire magazine agrees, "It's Kucinich Time!". They feature a powerful article about Dennis by fellow Clevelander, Scott Rabb. This wide-ranging piece includes Dennis' early life, his time as mayor of Cleveland, a behind the scenes look at life on the campaign trail as well as assessing Dennis' plans for America. Read about the man described as, ".poor beyond corruption and honest as spit." The November issue is on the newsstands now.
This Past Monday, Dennis was the Guest Star on the Colbert Report where he was asked by host Stephen Colbert to empty his pockets
As fate would have it, this, our third installment of the Kucinich news update, happens to coincide with Elizabeth Kucinich's Birthday today October 22nd, giving us a unique opportunity to wish Elizabeth a very happy Birthday.
Last night, As Part of a special Birthday celebration for Elizabeth, she was accompanied, by her husband Dennis to a fund raiser in her honor backstage at the Monterey Music Summit held in Monterey, California. Headlining performers of the multi-medium, interactive arts festival were, Ozo Matli along with Michael Franti & Spearhead. Dennis and Elizabeth had a chance to mingle with these outstanding artists and many of their local supporters.
I'm one of the many Volunteers involved in producing these news segments together with the Kucinich for President Campaign.
We're asking you to help us reach out and get Dennis's message of peace to more People.
As President, Dennis Kucinich has pledged to repeal the Patriot Act, restore Habeas Corpus and continue to stand for the truth. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are the foundation on which our country's freedom and liberties were founded.
As a special fundraiser for Dennis's Presidential Campaign, We've made available a pocket sized copy of the constitution for you. For a donation of just twenty five dollars you can have your own edition of this document. Log on to w.Dennis4president.com , that's dennis4president(dot) com
Help Dennis change the course we're on.
So please, donate what you can, and then a bit more. The future of our nation is depending upon it.
From all of us here at the Campaign to all of you, let's make the difference Together.
Check in for the latest news on the Dennis for President Campaign.
For up-to-the-minute Campaign information, Log on to dennis4president(dot)com
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