All The Small Things (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Stars) Video

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read this first please:
people are asking me the same questions over and over, so reading this should help answer a lot of the generic ones. Still, I appreciate the comments/views and stuff, don't get me wrong.
Check out the rest of my videos if you want to. I do music videos for a part-time-professional job, so that's what most of my work on here is.
So I got my 10th new drumset; it's so-so, but I was able to get out this video of All The Small Things.
This song is one of those songs where basically a gold star is only attainable by a full combo (or only one miss): so that's why I didn't get it, as I missed three or four times.
Nevertheless, it was only my 3rd time playing the song, so I think if I played it again I could clean up the few misses and get gold.
As for not having socks on the set, the sock mod only works on QM sets: it does not work at all on EL sets, which is what this set is.
Also, you might notice that my pedal has a metal covering: i'm using the "Mega Pedal" metal plate from : it adds weight to the pedal which makes it easier to use, and it hugely increases the stability of the stock RB pedal.
(my gamertag = sskitzzo)
And yes, I play drums in real life, have been for 4+ years, so the people going on about "play a real instrument", no, sorry, I do play real drums.
FINALLY, my grip is fine for playing this game; play on this set before you say that, playing on this set is NOTHING like playing on a real drumset in terms of size, height, feel, movements needed, or anything else.
Not trying to be a dick with all this, just informing people so they don't keep on saying the same stuff, haha, but don't get me wrong, I appreciate the comments.
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