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Compilation with: Kaleb Simmonds, Roxorloops, SHLOMO, Yuichi Nakamaru, Kenny Muhammad, Najib Amhali, Joel Turner (austrailian idol beat box), Hobbit (Reversed Wind Technique), DJ Effex, KenBeatbox, BeardyMan, Fernandinho, Joseph (human beat box nouvell star, Amazing BeatBox Performance), Rahzel, Michael Winslow, Kanye West's Gold Digger beatboxed (British not American Idol Beatbox) and Beatboxing Parrot!
List of famous beatboxers: Vanilla Ice, BeardyMan, Craig David , Dokaka, Fat Tony, Doug E. Fresh, Michael Jackson, Elton John , Kid Beyond, Killa Kela, Blake Lewis, Biz Markie, Matisyahu, Kenny Muhammad, Yuichi Nakamaru, Naturally 7, Jeff Thacher of Rockapella, Rahzel, Darren "Puffy" Robinson of The Fat Boys, Saïan Supa Crew, Jay Sean, C.R.A.F.T , Shlomo, Justin Timberlake, Joel Turner, Tony Brown
Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion. Although the term "beatboxing" derived from hip hop culture, it is not limited to hip hop music. It is primarily concerned with the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, voice, and more. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments. It is a form of Vocal music, etymologically related to Scat singing and Puirt a beul.
The term beatboxing most likely refers to early drum machines which came with pre-programmed musical patterns.
History of Beatboxing The technique and the art of replicating percussion sounds with one's voice is thought to be conceived in India several thousands years ago, and the Chinese developed Kouji which was one kind of vocal percussion performing arts. These had little relation with hip hop, however, and are not related to modern Western beatboxing. This kind of sound-simulating technique is called humming and chanting. Beatboxing is currently experiencing a second wind, thanks in part to the likes of artists like Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad, who have carried the artform across the world. In 2002, the documentary Breath Control: The History of the Human Beatbox premiered. It is a history of the art form that includes interviews with Doug E. Fresh, Emanon, Biz Markie, Marie Daulne of Zap Mama, Kyle Faustino and others. Beatboxing's early pioneers include Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, and Buffy from the Fat Boys. Doug E. Fresh is credited for being the first "human beatbox,"[1] and Barry B for coining the term [2] along with Buffy perfecting the art. The term "beatboxing" is derived from the mimicry of the first generation of drum machines, then known as beatboxes.
Vocal percussionists: Throughout a series of concerts in 1969, most notably at The Fillmore East in NYC, John Mayall (formerly the frontman for "The Bluesbreakers") with a new band introduced an acoustic style of the Blues[citation needed]. Sans drums and, for the most part electric guitars, Mayall and the band included a tune called "Room to Move" which included a middle section of pure beatboxing predating and outdoing almost every other future attempt at this style short of Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry, be happy" almost twenty years later. The Mayall concerts were recorded on an album called "Turning Point".
In 1970, British band Mungo Jerry released In the Summertime, eventually selling 23 million copies worldwide. An interesting quirk of the track is that no traditional percussion is used, with all rhythmic and incidental percussion generated by the vocalist(s)[citation needed].
Viv Fisher, a frustrated amateur British musician and sound engineer released a 7" vinyl single of multivocal work in 1978, entitled "Blaze Away," performing as "Me, Myself and Me Again," on which he performed all parts of a brass band, additionally using multitracking techniques to satisfy his desire for an accurate portrayal of the many instruments and depth of sound in a real brass band.
Mbube is a style of close harmony choral singing, originating in Africa. One of its components is the vocal representation of percussion and bass sounds by one or more members of a choir. Ladysmith Black Mambazo are a well known group performing in this style and have been r. eleasing music in this genre since 1973.
The early eightiesThe art form enjoyed a strong presence in the 1980s. Many people's introduction to the art form came when Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick released "La Di Da Di." However, the Fat Boys "Stick Em" and the album on which it appeared, "The Fat Boys," was released in January 1984, one year before the "La Di Da Di" single, which appeared as a B-side to "The Show" in 1985. (The rap community and beyond celebrated Buffy's heavy-breathing style on "Stick Em.") The Fat Boys' movies (such as Disorderlies) introduced the art form to a wider audience as well.
The 90s In many ways, beatboxing fell off the radar along with breakdancing in the late '80s; it almost slipped even deeper than the underground[citation needed]. Though many people kept the art form alive on the streets, in ciphers, within B-boy circles, and in showers, it didn't re-emerge until Rahzel "the Godfather of Noyze" released "Make the Music 20," which is the first album focused primarily on beatboxing. The title is a reference to "Make the Music With Your Mouth," one of the first recorded beatboxing tracks by the hip hop sensation Biz Markie. (Markie also achieved moderate success with his single "Just A Friend.")
In the mid-'90s, Rahzel proved a versatile entertainer. He was formerly the vocal DJ for The Roots, a group that contributed to the popularity of live instrumentation in hip hop. Not only did he help put beatboxing back onto the stage, he introduced its modern form, an impressive if not awe-inspiring combination of polyrhythms, vocal scratching, and simultaneous lines of melody, rhythm, and singing. Rahzel himself acknowledges that he combined his influences of pioneer Doug E. Fresh, jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, and sound effect master Michael Winslow (of Police Academy fame) to give rise to his modern format.
On "If Your Mother Only Knew," a beatboxing sample of Rahzel, he wows an audience by singing and beatboxing simultaneously—a feat now considered easy by the growing young beatboxing community. On several tracks, he introduced the idea of simulating turntable scratches with his throat, something even underground beatboxers upholding the art form through the lean years hadn't even heard until the album's release[citation needed].
Using his commercial appeal, Rahzel paved the way for beatboxing's migration to the center of the stage, both literally and metaphorically. In its beginning, beatboxing was relegated to a supporting role or gimmick, like a side show. With beatboxing's increased popularity, Rahzel began touring the country[citation needed] doing solo shows.
Many amateur beatboxers express frustration with Rahzel receiving most of the attention and being known as the best beatboxer in the world[citation needed]. Though many well-practiced amateur and professional beatboxers possess different levels of skill, each one brings something different to the form. As Carlo Aguirre (also known as Infinite), a beatboxer and MC from San Francisco's famed Felonious says, "Each person has a different instrument."[citation needed]
Other well-known, seminal beatboxers whose work is well known throughout the international beatboxing community include Queens's Kenny Muhammad (also known as Kenny X, The Human Orchestra); Philadelphia's Scratch, beatboxer for the Roots; Killa Kela, one of Europe's finest; Click Tha Supah Latin, an MC and beatboxer located in Los Angeles; Shlomo, who has collaborated with Björk; MC Squared, an internationally renowned 5-time winner of Showtime at the Apollo; RoxorLoops from Beatoxic Crew; Each who is a key organiser with the Vowel Movement located in California; "mouthdrummer" Wes Carroll of The House Jacks, also located in California; and Canada's own scratch pioneer Poizunus[citation needed]. Others have played important roles in bringing the artform to large communities outside of hip hop including Radioactive wformerly of Spearhead and Kid Beyond.
The Four ElementsThe last track on Rahzel's CD 'Make The Music 20' is a track with his famous 'If Your Mother Only Knew' routine. But it contains a hidden bonus track, which is a 'Man vs. Machine' which he and Kenny Muhammad (Human Orchastra) vs. turntablists DJ Skribble and DJ Slinky. The song is widely referred to by most beatboxers as The Four Elements.
• The first element is Earth (performed by Rahzel), using basic beatboxing techniques with a dry 'taste,' in a fairly simple beat pattern.
• The second element is Wind (performed by Kenny Muhammad), a complex and fast beat with words in it said in a very low voice. It has a stormy character. Wind is probably the most popular beatbox routine. It is a cover of the song 'Nummern' (Numbers) by the German group Kraftwerk.
• The third element is Fire (performed by Rahzel). It is the only element containing sounds that were not produced by the human mouth. Fire is a cover of 'Rock The Bells' by LL Cool J.
• The fourth and last element is Water (performed by Kenny Muhammad). It is one of the most popular amongst beatboxers after the wind. The sounds are punchy and fast. Water is a cover of a tune called 'Funky Drummer' by James Brown.
Increasingly, The Four Elements is becoming a very popular concept within the beatboxing community.
New York City is the birthplace of the art and still home to many of the world's most original and impressive beatboxers. These include Buffy of The Fat Boys, Doug E. Fresh, Rahzel, Kenny Muhammad, MC Squared, Matisyahu, DOA, Masai Electro Baba Israel, Yo-yo Beats, D-Cross and many others. In 2002 Kid Lucky created Beatboxer Entertainment, an organization to unite NYC's beatboxers, which has since grown to include beatboxers nationally and internationally. New York City is arguably an epicenter for beatboxing culture as the New York scene continues to produce some of the best talents in the world. Quite notable are Adam Matta, Shockwave (Chris Sullivan) and Chesney Snow. Adam Matta who is currently an "Artist in Residence" at Cornell University, is noted for his vocal instrumentals including brass, beats, vocal scratches/turntablism, and mechanical sound effects, Matta references blues, rock, rap, heavy metal, drum-and-bass, freestyle jazz, and Middle Eastern styles of music. Chris Sullivan better known as Shockwave attained critical acclaim for his work in the hit theatrical show "Freestyle Love Supreme" including "Shockwave bowls the audience over with his breakneck beatboxing ability" AOL City Guide just to cite one. Chesney Snow featured on the MTV Unplugged Series with Polish superstar Kayah in 2006 which has since become a bestseller. His live beatboxing sound is captivating and unique for it's realism to an actual drum machine.
In 2007, Blake Lewis, the runner-up on the sixth season of American Idol, brought beatboxing into the mainstream spotlight by performing it in several of his songs during the competition. Some of the songs that he performed in which he incorporated beatboxing elements were Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity", 311's "All Mixed Up", The Zombies's Time of the Season and Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" (performed in the Finale).
In the competition's finale he performed an impressive beatboxing routine with Doug E. Fresh.
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