Episode 38 Kim Possible: Hidden Talents (3/3) Video

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Well then, Dr. Drakne is behind everything again. Chance to survive with Kim is so few now - so in the rank of Death or Alive - she suddenly surpassed her weakness and successfully raised her voice! High Note is no longer a problem with Kim, at least she can have the last nice Show in the Talents Day! Congratulation!
Because Kim has disappointed, Ron must delay her turn and wait for her. The only one way is instant-join the competition, and, thank god, Ron's good on this!
Now for K.P. Seems Draken tried his best to eliminate her: She was chain-tied and put into a cardboard box, drowned into a freeze lake with shark and octopus! Maybe Kim wouldn't survive -- luckily she still wears a new laser ring Wade created this morning. It not only helped her cut out the chain, but also contains enough oxygen to help her defeat Deez's creatures. And finally, Kim's no1 weapon: High-note singing destroyed the ice blockade! Very surprise for Draken when K.P faced up with the armies, quite deadly!
Meanwhile, Ron's performance's just completed and it's time for Kimmie Ann. Of course with this far-distance, Kim won't be able to return on time, but why can't she use Dementor's production? Just one call and Kim appeared on Middleton's stage! Now that's all over, she totally felt free and performances a rock "Saving the world" soundtrack, with a perfectly ultra-high note! There's no reason for Bonnie to laugh at Kim anymore, and importantly, the winner today is RON STOPPABLE!! His randomize magic & gala is totally good, and it persuaded all everybody! Once again, Ron can be proud of his "hidden talent", and Kim, she's past her fearless and had a nice performance today, which also knocked out Bonnie's idea! Congratulation Ron, Rufus and Kimmie! You all proved yourselves with your own talent, no cheat, no support! I guess it'll be a lesson that Bonnie will never forget (hope so ^_^)
*Storyline Unlocked* - So that is it, another Kim's talent is revealed now - She maybe a bad singer in the pass, but not today! The soundtrack "Say The Word" is also became featured afterward - so congratulation Kimmie! Your talent is now licensed!
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