Foreplay/Longtime (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Gold Stars) Video

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Time9 min
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read this first please:
people are asking me the same questions over and over, so reading this should help answer a lot of the generic ones. Still, I appreciate the comments/views and stuff, don't get me wrong.
Check out the rest of my videos if you want to. I do music videos for a part-time-professional job, so that's what most of my work on here is.
So I got my 8th new drumset; it's pretty damned good, so as long as it lasts, i'm gonna make more videos, like this one of Foreplay/Longtime.
The only thing is, it requires a bit of force to keep the hits registering, but i'm only hitting it a bit harder than normal, the whipping motion makes it look a lot harsher than it really is, and you know the pads vibrate off the smallest impact, so yeah, i'm not hitting it that hard at all.
Also, you might notice that my pedal has a metal covering: i'm using the "Mega Pedal" metal plate from : it adds weight to the pedal which makes it easier to use, and it hugely increases the stability of the stock RB pedal.
You might want to hold out for thier full-pedal conversion instead of just a plate, though.
(my gamertag = sskitzzo)
And yes, I play drums in real life, have been for 4+ years, so the people going on about "play a real instrument", no, sorry, I do play real drums.
FINALLY, my grip is fine for playing this game; play on this set before you say that, playing on this set is NOTHING like playing on a real drumset in terms of size, height, feel, movements needed, or anything else.
Not trying to be a dick with all this, just informing people so they don't keep on saying the same stuff, haha, but don't get me wrong, I appreciate the comments.
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