Living the Dream- Part 2- Camp Rock Tales- Episode 11 Video

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Alyson knocks on the Jonas Brothers house later that day
Nick- Alyson?
Alyson- Don't worry! I'm not mad!
Joe- Really?
Demi- Are you OK?
Alyson- Yes Really, and Yes I'm OK!
Demi- It's so good to see you!
Alyson- You too! I actually came here to help.
Kevin- Huh?
Alyson- I want to help you and Selena back together!
All- Huh?
Alyson- Yes! If it makes Nick happy, then I should allow it.
Nick- That's really nice of you!
Talking in the house
Alyson- what has happened while I was gone?
Demi- Me and Joe were in the hospital over 4 months ago.
Alyson- WHY?!?!
Demi- I got jealous and he slep sick..
Alyson- That's sweet!
Joe- She said sorry to me,I was a jerk, she got sad at ran across the street and got hit by a car.she was sent to the hospital and then I said sorry, she saids no!
Alyson- Joe! You were a jerk!
All- *laugh*
Demi- All is well ends well.
Joe- Were back in each others arms.
Alyson- AWW!! How about you Kevin?
Kevin- No love life.still single..
Alyson- Work on it! Nick?
Nick- It was also months ago when I noticed that I felt something for Selena.
Alyson- Oh.*acts happy*
Demi- Are you OK?
Alyson- It reminded me of my grandma.she died also a few months ago..
Nick- I'm sorry..I know you were expecting me and you to be together, instead I just gave you even more problems.
Alyson- I also have a confession.
Demi- Tell?
Alyson- I saw a guy in Australia and I kinda fell for him.
Nick- Really?
Alyson- We were together for five months..then I broke up with him cause my parents told me since my grandma died we could move back..I said YES because.
Nick- Cause you thought we'de be together?
Alyson- Yeah.
Nick- I'm really sorry.I don't care how many time I say it, I really am.
Alyson- I moved On! Now, Selena?
Demi- We were planing to make her think it was a bad idea to break up with him.
Alyson- That's easy..
Nick- How?
Alyson- Let's have a get-together and invite her, act all cool abuot it and just talk to her like you never even liked her.easy.
Nick- For you..I can't act!
Alyson- Camp Rock? You were a great actor!
Nick- I guess.
Selena at her house..
Selena- Stupid Alyson! She had to come back from Australia and ruin everything!
S's Mom- Honey are OK? You seem a little tense?
Selena- Me? I'm FINE! Totally!
S's Mom- Tell me if you need anything!
Selena- Thanks!
Selena- Stupid Alyson! UGH!
Selena- You know what! I'm over Nick!
Selena- I'm talking to my self.
*cell ring*
Selena- Hello?
Demi- Are you OK?
Selena- *lies* Yeah!
Demi- Were gonna have a get-together dinner at the Guys house for Alyson!
Selena- Uhm-
Demi- I'm not going without you.
Selena- Ok..sure..I guess..
*Hang Up*
Selena- What did I just do?
Demi- She said YES!
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