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dead rising the 3 convicts theme
song-gone guru by lifeseeker
Well he ain't my boy but the brother is heavy
gave away my possessions and moved inot a chevy
van, yeah thats the masterplan
drive into the woods and eat corn out the can
yeah I gave it all away, the hard rock band
the groupies the booze, the all night jams
now all these fans, asking where did he go?
meditating on a rock letting go of the ego
so rappin with the squirrels is the way of the mountain
they took half my nuts and berries
and riddled "who's counting?"
bit my finger with the truth, the blood was spouting
now my cup overfloweth, just like a fountain
seen birds in the sky, trees inbetween
grubs in the ground, it was so serene
the sky was blue, yeah the grass was green
and that's three square meals if you know what I mean
so now I wake up every morning with a fat cup of piss
my third eyes open so give me some swiss miss
saw a thirty foot fairy walking down your street
though I was down with God I had to yell retreat
because I gone guru so cut the ballyhoo
rock the tamborines and the didgeridoo
set the animals free from the pimpin zoo
and I'll elevate your mind like airplane glue
Out in the desert on a three day stint
I had a revelation and I made a mint
so take a hint and won't you join the club
send your wife to my hut for the body rub
pumpin metal guru in the subaru
four wheel drive to the commune
pick up the crew
and we out to the zen monastery on the prairie
where I milk the holy cow but quit the dairy
snowboarding with the yeti eating vegi spaghetti
don't have to live like no refuge, peace to tom petty!
ready steady spiritually grow
til I found out my boy worked for the cointelpro
gram damn now I gots to scram
and start handing out my leaflets in bethlehem
cause the bibles played out so I'm writing a new text
we are all one, so what's the problem with group sex!?
and so many children want to join the fold
mike love on line two, put that sucker on hold
and shine, to thine own self be true
they can't tell you what to do when you've gone guru
yeah shine, to thine own self be true
they can't tell you what to do when you've gone guru
you got to shine! to thine own self be true
they can't tell you what to do when you've gone guru
gone guru in my new nehru
so rock the tamborines and the didgeridoo
I'll deliver whover pays what's due
that's nine for me and one for you
aw yeah we got it going on and it's strong up in here tonight
we got that incense, burning! we got them peacock feathers, tickling!
we got all that cuckoo karma connection, that you can use
so come on people, get with the program, we can get this together.
too many wives for ohio they were looking to try me
so I got twelve divorces said aloha hawaii
arrived without traveling they lost my bags
another trial for my people, don't scratch the jag!
you know they say hang loose, but they really don't mean it!
deported me to rio and you watched it on cnet
new, chumps had me singing the blues
til thirty thousand showed up with the right to choose
rose petals in path milk in my bath
and now harrison ford wants my autograph
I laughed when we met cause he busted a sweat
then I stuck out my tongue he donated a jet
cold stole the spotlight from the dali lama
cause my crews coming tight in the orange pajamas
got sixteen caddies and 29 rolls
fuck the shoes I transcended the sole
with constant expansion I live in a mansion
getting jiggy with madonna and marilyn manson
sixty minutes expose taxes you never paid
papparazzi! code blue! down toupee!
yes I'm starting to age I can feel it in my bones
my advisors tell me, start thinking bout clones
found out! heaven is a place on earth!
I cut off my head it cost all I was worth
cryogenic robot, now my head can spin
I'll be around a million years, let the party begin
party robot, now my head can spin
I'll be around a million years let the party begin
~How to kill the convicts~
right first you will need to wait for them to spawn ofc, they come around 7-8 pm normaly when it begins to get dark, once they've appeard, get the mini uzi of the above area in the paradise plaza, (go half way up to stais and jump on the the scirting borde stuff on top of the shops to the right), once you have that fill the rest of your inventory up with food. right now head outside, now first take out the guy on the back with your mini uzi, ones he's dead take the gun on the back of there car they crash into trees alot so it's pretty easy, now use the heavy machine gun to shoot both of the 2 convicts left and your done, remember to go inside there car to unlock the carjacker ahcievment in order to obtain the convicts uniform, i advice keep the gun after to kill adam the clown it will proove very easy with it, hope this helps.
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