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A long time ago Hermione had been missing when the trio had to escape in a fight between the order and death eaters. The ministry searched for her but they couldn't find her, so everybody thought she was dead, killed by death eaters .
Ron's and Harry's life had never be the same. Ron had lost his love and Harry his sort of sister.
But suddenly Hermione appears, she never had been dead. But she is scared that they could have forgotten her and also she doesn't want to change their lifes again, so she does not go to them that they can see she's still alive. She watches the boys, though, to see what they're doing and to be them as close as possible. Her heart nearly breaks everytime she sees them, but she is too scared to come out.
But then Harry notices her . he can't believe what he sees. Hermione is shocked and runs away. Harry also starts running after her, but she keeps running . she just can't be with them anymore. She'll never be able to live a normal life and nor will Harry and Ron .
Yeah, I know . it's a bit strange, actually xD But I hope you will like it. Enjoy ;)
* I'm not gonna do a "Hermione Is Missing 2", I'm sorry. This is the only story about it. You just have to imagine yourself, how it would go on, if Hermione will return to Ron and Harry or not. I wouldn't know a song for it anyway xD Also you cannot expect that a sequel would be as good as this one or even better, I don't think I'd be able to.
But I'm really pleased that you like this video, you made it successful! Thank you *
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