How To Save A Life Video

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Basic plot of the video:
Hermione and Harry are a happy couple until the discover that Ron has feeling for Hermione aswell. Ron and Harry become distant and Hermione does not know who to choose. The night of the Yule Ball comes and Hermione, Ron and Harry all attend. During the night, Ron and Hermione 'disappear' so Harry goes looking for them. He passes a carriage with two people inside. Snape turns up, so Harry hides. Snape opens the carriage to reveal. Ron and Hermione. Harry is stunned and runs off. Hermione and Ron follow. Harry reaches the lake Mad Eye Moody is waiting - he knew what was going to happen, and so chose to help Harry. Once at the lake, Harry, with the help of Moody, ends his life. Ron and Hermione arrive and ask Moody what happened to Harry to which Moody replies that he (Harry) is dead. There is a funeral and they think about Harry.
This is a fan made video and so it was made for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this video is associated in any way with the people who made Harry Potter or the song "How To Save A Life".
Tags betrayal, death, eye, granger, harry, hermione, hhr, love, mad, moody, potter, rhr, ron, severus, snape, weasley

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