Stand Your Ground- Part 2 Video

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part 2 of "Stand Your Ground"
This vid picks up about a month after the last one ended. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all talking when Ron and Harry tell Hermione that they'd heard something around the school. Hermione catches an odd tone in their voices, and gets even more suspicious when they won't tell her what they heard. (Which was: Draco Malfoy was back). She's asking again when the three of them come across Draco.
The old terror comes back to Hermione. She storms up to Dumbledore's office. Draco is there, and she is furious and scared. Hermione asks Dumbledore why he let Malfoy come back. Dumbledore says that Draco has something to show Hermione, something Hermione should see. ((I thank the brilliant missdoglover for giving me the inspiration of the shaking hands for my lil symbolization of Hermione trusting Malfoy!! Gracias, I hope u don't mind!)) Hermione doesn't know exactly what he means, but she knows she can trust Dumbledore, and through him, she knows she must turst Draco.
He shows her memories of her horror filled night. Hermione, upset at seeing them so clearly again, says that she's seen this all. Draco says there's more. And Hermione sees, with shock, her being chased and tortured by the Death Eaters. She doesn't remember anything she's seeing, but it's her there. And then—she watches as the Death Eaters get ready to make their fatal move. And watches as Draco stops them.
Hermione doesn't understand what she'd just seen. Why didn't she remember any of it? Malfoy tells her that some of the curses that were put on her in those months were so powerful, that just many of the events from those couple months were just blocked in her brain. Draco then says he never wanted Hermione to get hurt. Hermione can't believe he can say that, after all, he'd hurt her plenty.
**attention:** (read this SHORT dialogue to understand a bit more. I couldn't fit it in the vid and make it look good too, so u gotta read this)
"How did you get out of Azkaban?" [[Hermione]]
"Dumbledore came and spoke to me. I showed him what I just showed you." [[Malfoy]] there u go, just so u know he didn't magically poof back.
Sorry about that. Just so you know that little bit I couldn't fit it anywhere in the vid. (oh in case any of u peeps are just wondering, Malfoy brought Hermione to the Hogwarts grounds)
Anyway.Hermione was saying that Malfoy had hurt her plenty. He told her that the Death Eaters had threatened to kill his mother. His father had died in battle, and she was the only family he had left. He apologized. Hermione knew he meant it. And she, with that good old heart of hers, forgave him.
She and Draco begin to get close.Harry and Ron don't know what's gotten into Hermione. She tries to convince them that Draco isn't really a bad person. And she confesses that she might be falling in love with them. This is a blow to Ron. Hermione knows her best friends don't approve.
For some thinking time, she goes into the Forest. As she's sitting, she hears a noise. She looks up and sees Draco ahead, with his back to her, walking forward. She's confused at first as to why he's in here, and remembers the happy times they had together (let's say that they'd been "happy together" for about a month). She gets up to call to him. But then she sees there's someone else. A Death Eater—and he gives Malfoy the mark on his arm. ((**note** I know Voldemort does this, but he's dead, and this whole thing is like AU anyway, so, yeah! lol))
Hermione sits back down in shock. She knew that Malfoy was only in the Death Eaters *group.* but now he was bound. She can't believe, after all he'd said, that he'd done this. She doesn't want to face the fact that now, they can't be anything.
You may or may not have noticed that Hermione seems to forget the fact that Malfoy cursed Ron (and that she likes Ron in the first place!)—she did. Impossible, you'd say, yeah? (Me too!) But the question is, was Malfoy completely and totally honest with Hermione the whole time?
How will Hermione cope? And is there a side to Malfoy that he's been hiding.?
Part 3/4: Find out!
The storyline may get (or already is!) weird, but all will be answered in part 4!
*note* the thingy with Hermione seeing stuff in the glass ball is not originally my idea! That, I've seen DOZENS of videos with that, and I wanted to try that out too, LOL! hats off to the original creator of that one!
Dedicated to: NFA91! Hope you like this one too!!
This actually one of my first vids that I'm actually proud to say: woohoo, that's mine! LOL!! XD sorry about all the subtitles at first with Draco and Hermione, but they were needed, (and didn't even get half of what I wanted down in the dialogue, so you guys have to deal with me typing lots more out, LOl, the songs r only so long! And sorry for this long description =\ hopefully u all haven't given up on me LOL (five hours laterr.)
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