Connichi Gruppen Cosplay 1# 2006 Video

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So hier nochmal unser Cosplay Auftritt von der Connichi 2006.
Wir hätten es zwar nie gedacht, aber wir haben den Ersten Platz beim Gruppen Cosplay gemacht.
Also hat sich das üben bis 4:00Uhr nachts am vortag gelohnt XD~
Enjoy the Show ^_^/)
Keksi :3
English Text Translation by Senshinobi :)
Sasuke and Itachi are fighting, Sexy no Jutsu Gaara comes by get's ignored and shouts out "Uchiha" but pronounces it not correctly (which actually is a little side joke on the german dubbing ;). Itachi and Sasuke turn around and shout "Uchiha" (correct pronunciation) see Gaara and get instant nosebleed.
SnJ Gaara: "Victory."
Sasuke: "Oh man, Gaara."
Itachi: "If you can do that, we can do it, too." Itachi and Sasuke: "Sharingan."
Itachi: "Sexy no Jutsu." (transformation)
SnJ Itachi (to Sasuke): "What the hell are you doing?"
Sasuke: "I don't wanna do that." (slap ;) - transformation
The 3 girls cheer.
SnJ Gaara: "Finally we're reunited."
SnJ Itachi: "Yeah, you haven't changed at all."
SnJ Sasuke: "Hey do you remember?"
All three: "Like in old times."
Dancing scene
Sakura appears: "Oh my god, you are so childish!"
The three SnJs: "Shut it!"
Sakura: "I'll..I'll get you for that! Sexy no Jutsu!" (transformation)
SnJ Sakura: "Alrigh girls, will you now be listening to what I have to say?"
The three SnJS: "We.we won't be impressed by that so easily!"
SnJ Sakura: "Oh, I see. Well, don't you think it's a little bit hot in here." (strip ;)
We hope now all can understand it :)
thanks to senshinobi
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