Sharingan Combo Video

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"Team Sharingan" (Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi). In this video, Sasuke (after opening his Sharingan), is switched out for Kakashi, who then attacks Kabuto with a "Raikiri Rendan" (Thunder-Cut Combo). After that, Itachi (Sasuke's evil brother) takes Kakashi's place as Itachi then uses his "Tsukiyomi" (God of the Moon) technique on Orochimaru. Later, they all initiate a Team Super Combo to win the match.
1.) Itachi uses his, "Amaterasu" (God of the Sun) technique to engulf the opponent in black flames. While this is happening.
2.) Sasuke and Kakashi both charge a "Chidori" (A Thousand Birds) and "Raikiri" (Thunder Cut) respectively and then strikes the enemy simultaneously in a "X" fashion.
3.) Game Over.
Tags combo, game, hatake, itachi, kakashi, naruto, sasuke, uchiha

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