Zanessa Story {Season#4 Ep. 55 - Hurry up & Save me} Video

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Hey guys! :)
yay finally with our new season 4!
i hope this season will be much better,
so keep on watching cuz alof of new
and better stuff is going to happen
so keep it going okay? okay? OKAY? good XD
- havent you seen all the eps?
and you're kinda confused about the
story? well all u need to know is
written right here :)
Zac - Hes famous, popular and everyone
wants to date him but hes dating
Vanessa right now, and he gave up
a little bit of his acting so he can
spen more time with her.
Vanessa - Zacs girlfriend. Shes a geek.
Not popular at all, but got amazing
best friends. Big Fan of the
Jonas brothers (lol) Her EX (Drake Bell)
is after her, but she got zac to
take care of her.
Ashley - WAS crushing on zac and almost
rouined her friends with Vanessa.
But they talked it out and it got good
again so no worries :)
She was with Jared until he cheated
on her with Britany Snow (shes zac's evil ex).
Miley - One of Zacs,Ash & V's bestfriends.
Miley is daiting Nick, but before that
happened alot of drama happened with
Cody, (he raped her!) they were a great
couple but he kinda cheated on her
with Selena (sel is one of Zac's Co-stars
in his movies).
Nick - Mileys boyfriend. hes also
friends with zac, ash & V and they always
hang out alot :) Nick has always
liked Miley and very happy that they
are together now.
Emily - Shes also bffs with
Zac, ash & V but hangs around Nick alot.
But shes Miley's bestfriend!
Selena - Shes one of Zac's Co-stars
she doesnt go to there school so you
wont see her that much in the ep
but sometimes shes there just to
visit people she knows :)
Jared - Cheated on Ashley with
Brittany snow, when they were on vacation
in Hawaii. They ended up having sex
and found out she might be pregnant.
Jared got kicked out of Ashley for that
Brittany - One of Zacs ex girlfriends.
Shes very evil and tries todo anything
to brake zanessa up, Brittany doesnt
go to there school cuz shes also an
actor but hangs alot around Zac thought
but now she might be with Jared?
Cody - Miley's ex. He loved her very
much but ended up screwing up.
He kissed Selena (she didnt know he
was daiting) and miley cought them.
Cody also raped Miley after that and
she made him think she was pregnant
when she wasnt, so they had a huge
fight over it but now there kinda
friends again.
Drake - Vanessa's Ex boyfriend. He
raped her when they were together
and she almost got pregnant. He also
tried to kill her but zac got there
in time before that happened.
Now Drake is looking around trying
to find her and might try to kill her
again.. maybe this time he will O.o
Corbin - Zac's bestfriend. He moved to
the school when zac did too.
Corbin is haning with everyone but
is a very random guy he always ask the
stupid questions.
Joe - He meet Ash on the flight,
and thats how they be came friends
hes NOT daiting Ashley but they are
flirting all the time, so lets see ;)
- Zac DOESNT live with Vanessa but hes
always at her house, zac doesnt really
have a house yet but might find one soon.
- They JUST came home from Hawaii so
i kinda skipped a few days.
- No Vanessa and Zac didnt have sex yet
- Zashley made out once and almost
ended up having it.
- Zac was a BIG player in his earlier
life but now hes with Vanessa and
doesnt do that anymore.. (we hope)
Another Cinderella story - Valentine's Dance Tango
Drew & Selena - New Classic
Jessie McCartney & Anne Hathaway - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Tiffany Gardina - Hurry Up & Save Me
video & idea - Eliberg3
Dont copy my stories! :)
Tags 55, and, cinderella, drama, eliberg3, ep, hurry, me, pills, save, season, sex, story, tragic, up, zanessa, zashley

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