??? Chris and Hermione, Kill ??? Video

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Time4 min
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Happy 18th birthday Catherine:D I know you love this couple so I wanted to do something special for you:)
And one more thing.. I want to give a special thanks to Smokeyfizz who helped me with the background thing:D Without them I wouldnt be able to do it..:) so thank you so much:D
Now.. I know I have a weird taste in couples, but I think these two would be cute together.. As in Twilight cute.. and thats what I based this video on btw.. The relationship between Bella and Edward.. so please enjoy and PLEASE comment..
Song: Kill
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Footage: Harry Potter, Ballet Shoes and Charmed
Program Used: Sony Vegas 8.0
Studio: Eerie Night Studioz (ENS)
Maker: ChristineDrewFan
Paring(s): Chris/Hermione
Story: The video starts with Chris telling Hermione (his fiancee) that he's eaving to the past to save his brother and the whole world (from Voldemort) Basically, it leaves the option of why he's leaving and what he's changing up to you.
Now.. Hermione isn't happy about this and tells Chris heartbroken that he can't leave but eventually ends up with him leaving. While Hermione's in the future and Chris is in the past they keep thinking about eachother and Hermione can't stop thinking about the day she begged Chris to stay, but he still left her. While she keeps having flashblacks of their life (mostly the bad times), Chris keeps thinking about her.. But one day when Hermione sees in the crystal that Chris and Voldemort is fighting she runs out of the classroom and decides to fight him herself to save him.
When she finally finds him she gets captured and is forced to beg Chris to come and save her.. Chris feels heartbroken for having left her alone but tells her he can't but eventually gives in.. When he finally goes to the future Voldemort tortures him and makes Hermione watch as he slowly dies, without doing anything to help him.. From there she keeps having thoughts of him and seeing him all the time..
Hopefully this is good enough explaination, but if you didn't get it, please tell me;)
Future; Blue color
Past; Red color
Black/white; Memories
Tags charmed, chris, christopher, drew, emma, fuller, granger, halliwell, harry, hermione, perry, potter, watson

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