Kingdom Hearts I - Sephiroth (LV71, No Limit/Armor/Item) Video

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Download: always heard that Sephiroth from KH1 was harder than in KH2. I think that's a bunch of crap, but either way I wanted to record this fight. Also, there seems to be a lack of KH1 Sephiroth fights uploaded, and the ones that are uploaded either are played bad or use cheap tactics to win (Aeroga and Limits and such). The lowest level fight I have before him is LV71. I had around a LV50 save on antoher memory card, but I don't have it anymore, so this'll have to do. I think the lowest level you can reach him is in the 50s. So to make up for being a higher level I unequipped all armor. This way my stats are equal to LV50 with armor or maybe even lower, I'm not sure.
If you put this Sephiroth in KH2, it'd be a joke, but with Sora's limited movement in KH1, you still have to be paying attention to survive. His first form, just like in KH2, is easy to predict and very limited. His second form has the running towards you attacks and Descend Heartless Angel attack. Though it's super easy to interrupt DHA in this fight, I don't understand how people think you need Glide or what not. Maybe they never learned how to target in the game, but half the time he tries to do DHA right in front of my face. His Omnislash attack can be tricky to Guard if you're not a certain distance away from him, but any hit from it brings me to 1 HP with these stats.
His third form is actually challenging. Of course, if you're LV100 with armor then you'll be fine (or not playing on Expert Mode), but being at my level his new attack brings me to 1 HP everytime. And unlike KH2, you only get Second Chance, there's no Once More for Sora. So if you get hit again after going to 1 HP you die, and there's no Leaf Bracer either to Cure your way out of it. Either way, I came up with a decent method, though it's not perfected.
Anyway, being so used to KH2FM and KHRE:CoM, I had to adjust to this game again. I haven't played it in over 5 years up until yesterday. So I had to get used to X being attack and O being jump again. Also had to get used to not being able to control the camera with the Right Analog stick (it controls the menu in KH1). And Sora's lack of movement and slow recovery and crappy combos make it even harder to adjust. But if you play the entire game through you should be able to take this on no problem. I used to be able to take out Sephiroth at LV50 without cheap methods. I'm still out of practice though.
You might be like "well it'd be impossible to beat this Sephiroth at LV1", but then you have to remember you can't stop yourself from leveling up, the game wasn't designed for that like KH2FM's Critical Mode. If you took KH2 Sephiroth and tossed him into KH1, it'd be a lot harder. If you took KH1 Sephiroth and tossed him into KH2, he'd be too easy. I do wish they kept his Onmislash move though, it's awesome. Same with the Super Nova move.
Oh and, before any idiots say it. Sephiroth says "Decsend Heartless Angel". Square confirmed this, and anyone who STILL says otherwise is either deaf or stupid. I mean Lance Bass is a horrible voice actor as we can hear, but "Sin Harvest" doesn't make any damn sense. "Heartless" makes far more sense, as well as "decsend". And you can even hear it if you actually listen. Why not debate the other quotes that you can't understand? Like when he does DHA in his 3rd form. I can't make out what he says for the life of me.
And last but not least, the full restrictions I used was no Limits, no Aeroga (lowers damage you receive), no items (which means I have to stop DHA everytime), and no Armor. I believe it's possible to do no damage on this fight, but probably not with my restrictions. At LV100 with max strength, probably it is. But that 3rd form is a nightmare to block. But unless you're restricting yourself like I am, it's an easy fight. I also don't think I'll try this without Second Chance anytime soon. But again, if you're LV100 it shouldn't be a problem. And speaking of which, DHA can't kill you no matter what. I unequipped SC and still didn't die when getting hit by it. I don't know why some idiots think you can, but they're wrong.
Q: What keyblade is that?
A: Ultima Weapon.
Q: What level do you learn Second Chance at in KH1?
A: Depends on the weapon you chose. The lowest level is LV18 if you chose the staff, but I'm pretty sure by LV50 you should definitely have it if you chose Sheild or Sword.
Q: What Mode are you playing on?
A: Expert Mode, which it says at the end of the video.
Q: How come Curaga doesn't take away all your MP?
A: In KH1 Curaga only takes a bar of MP. Combine that with MP Rage and it makes it the game much much easier. But it balances out the difficulty of Expert Mode.
Q: How come Sephiroth's HP doesn't decrease at the beginning?
A: Because he has a hidden HP bar. Either the programmers were too lazy to add another color coded HP bar or they wanted to intimidate you.
Tags armor, expert, hearts, item, kh1, kingdom, limit, lv71, mode, no, sephiroth

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