Save the World, Gohan! [Final Beamstruggle] Video

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This is the scene in Dragon Ball Z where SS2 Gohan and Super Perfect Cell end it all with a final beam struggle.
At first, they're clearly even in power [due in part to Gohan's injuries]. However, as the beam struggle progresses Gohan starts to lose his confidence, and Cell continues to overpower him.
Piccolo, Krillin & the others all join in to help Gohan, by attacking Cell from behind. Unfortunately, they're owned by Cell's aura.
Near the end of the beamstruggle, Vegeta catches Cell off guard and nails him in the back with a -generic Ki-blast-, which temporarily distracts, and wounds Cell. The blast's name is debatable. Considering Vegeta went Super Saiyan before hand contradicts the manga, where Vegeta fires the blast without using Super Saiyan. The blast was obviously strong enough to shock Cell; it nearly caused him to collapse, and drastically disrupted the whole cycle of his aura.
Fortunately, Gohan sees the chance and takes it, by throwing all of his energy at once into the beam.
With Cell's attention momentarily diverted, Gohan was able to finish Cell. Had it not been for those few moments, Cell would have destroyed the whole earth. Cell's beam was clearly too far along to be reversed as quickly, without the distraction. It would've become a neverending game of ping pong in slow motion.
Manga strips:
suggest Gohan may have still been able to finish it. Why argue it though, we know Gohan had more power.. he just didn't use it until Cell fully lost his focus.
Secondary theories/opinions:
Here's an analogy:
You're armwrestling a friend. Any sort of distraction may cause you to lose, but being hit in the back with a soccer ball or a taser, will surely cause you to drop your defenses long enough for your friend to overpower you and win. So a distraction can go a long way.
I love the way the characters are drawn and animated in this episode. Whoever the group was who animated this episode, and several others, I'd like to shake their hands. I loved the way they
drew and animated the character's bodies. The colors were also very great. Lots of eye candy.
Tags cell, db, dbz, dragonball, gaara, gohan, goku, kaioken, krillin, naruto, piccolo, power, sasuke, ssj, ssj3, super, tien, vegeta, youtube

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