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´╗┐This is an AU music video, with hints of slash. It's 8 minutes 11 seconds long, so get comfy before watching.

The first three years of Harry Potter's life have been marked by the deaths of three of his closest friends: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley and Ron Weasley. All were killed by the Death Eaters, in an attempt to get to Harry.
As a result, Harry feels guilty for not being able to save them. He is plagued by nightmares and he sees them everywhere in school. Only the friendship of a wise-ass Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, can keep him grounded. However, Harry's fear that something will happen to Draco (and that Harry will not be able to save him) causes him to push Draco away, even though Draco tells Harry that he doesn't need saving, and that no one would dare hurt him.
Later that day, Harry arrives early for Divination. He peers into a crystal ball and sees images of Draco being tortured at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Trelawney then surprises him and goes into one of her trances, predicting that Draco will be taken from Hogwarts to Malfoy Manor, where, several days later, Draco's father will offer Draco up as a sacrifice to prove his loyalty to Lord Voldemort. Harry is terrified and doesn't know how to react. When Draco confronts him, Harry lashes out, and Draco runs off.
Harry feels guilty for the way he acted, and heads to Draco's room to apologize. But he finds the room in disarray and Draco gone. He knows Trelawney's prediction is coming true.
The school is locked down. Harry goes to Dumbledore, hoping for some advice. He feels the need to save Draco, but is also afraid that he'll fail again. Dumbledore advises him to think about how he feels about Draco, and what he'd be willing to do. He also reminds Harry of how dangerous Voldemort is.
The next day, Harry is mulling it over by the lake. He hears strange noises and looks up. To his astonishment, he sees Ron, Hermione and Ginny coming towards him. Hermione explains to him that it's not his fault that they died and that he should do what his heart tells him. Harry is confused, so Hermione lays it out: Harry has to at least try to save Draco, because if he doesn't, he'll feel even worse than he would if he tried and failed. The three then walk away, fading away as they do.
Harry knows what he must do. That night, he heads out and arrives at Malfoy Manor. Narcissa answers the door and tells him that the Death Eaters have Draco around back. She wishes she could save him, but she doesn't believe she has the power to.
Harry goes out back, where the Malfoy cemetery is. He sees the Dark Mark in the sky and Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and quickly hides. He observes just what Trelawney predicted: Lucius offering Draco as a sacrifice to Lord Voldemort.
Lord Voldemort beings by torturing Draco, and the cries of his friend spur Harry into action. He emerges from his hiding space and cast a spell at Lord Voldemort, distracting him long enough for Harry to run to Draco. Lucius tries to stop him, but Harry deflects him, sending Lucius falling on his back.
Draco, meanwhile, is being attacked by the bushes and weeds on the ground of the cemetery, yet another means of Death Eater torture and a way they assure that Draco won't be able to escape. Harry runs to Draco, frees him and calls upon the portkey that Narcissa told him was hidden in the cemetery.
The two return to Hogwarts. Harry is sleeping and for once, his dreams are happy. He is flying over Hogwarts on Buckbeak. He sees Ginny, Ron and Hermione beaming up at him, sad to see him go, but happy that he is now at peace.
The next day, Harry receives an note from Draco, instructing Harry to meet him in the Astronomy Tower that night so that Draco may properly thank him. Harry goes, using the Marauder's Map to look for Draco. He finally arrives, and the Map shows how Draco thanks Harry. It then pans away to show three more people watching over Harry.
Sepia tone = nightmare/dream
Grayscale = memories
Songs used:
"Nara" by E.S. Posthumus
"Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus
"A Window to the Past" by John Williams
The clips of Narcissa are Nicole Kidman from "The Others".
Tags au, death, draco, eaters, h/d, harry, harry/draco, hp, lucius, malfoy, potter, voldemort, ´╗┐slash

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