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This is episode 8 of the 'Real Story SKT1' show. I have all the episodes but none of them have English translation, so I picked this episode to upload anyway, since it was filmed when Boxer left SKT1 to join the army.
Mostly includes interviews with SKT1 team members like Midas, iloveOov, and the bunch :-) About Boxer's time to leave, and other progamers like [Oops]Reach say a few words as well.
Lets not go into the whole "SKT1 started to suck when Boxer left" thing, instead I'll just show you what Boxer got SKT1 to accomplish since 2003 to the point of his leaving: (list of only major titles)
2003 OnGameNet KTF EVERCup ProLeague - 1st Place
2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League - 1st Place
2004 SKY ProLeague - 2nd Place
2004 Tucsan MBCGame Team League - 1st Place
2005 SKY ProLeague R1 - 1st Place
2005 SKY ProLeague R2 - 1st Place
2005 SKY ProLeague Grand Final - 1st Place
2006 SKY ProLeague R1 - 1st Place
Then Boxer left, and SKT didn't make the 2006 SKY ProLeague R2 finals. They did however play in the Grand Final vs the R2 winner MBC Hero.. and without Boxer, lost.
Since then things went from bad to wrose. And you know exactly how bad SKT1 did this current season. If you don't- read this video description rpFJKw4CY
No other team has even half the record of SKT1. CJ and MBC are 2nd, but will have to win a lot of titles to come even close to SKT1, and since niether one is playing in this season Finals, basically 'Boxer's SKT' will always stay #1, but 'Boxerless SKT' are almost dead last.. Because they really do look like a whole other team without him.
Boxer really hates his army haircut :-)
Look at 28:21, Karate Boxer!
Here's some translation by santokie, thanks! :-)
SKT1 members are asked what they think of Boxer's new hair. Everyone says it looks cute and matches his style well, except two. Midas says it looks kinda funny, and oov says it doesn't go well with his style.
They ask iloveOov if he's going to visit Boxer anytime and he says if it's not too far from here. Also Boxer's sleepy roomate says he misses the smell of yo-hwan.
In the van Boxer's mom and dad are telling some childhood stories where Boxer cries alot and how he cared about his hair even as a kid.
When they arrive at the army base, Boxer's mom is crying and telling him to be safe. Boxer's sister says to stop crying you're making yo-hwan sad, and Boxer tells them not to worry so much. Boxer says he doesn't like his hair (which makes his dad keeps taking his hat off lol).
At the end his fans shout keep healthy, Boxer says farewell to SKT1 show camera. a new adventure begins in the life of im yo-hwan. in the fan bus girl says I'll love you always~ some grannies say we'll be waiting for you! fighting~ GoRush says do your best.
Midas wants to cry and mumbles a love confession, some guy hopes Boxer comes back to T1 after serving, another says thx for all the fun strategies you taught me, Rainbow? says watch your health and to keep in touch, iloveOov says come back safe, Kingdom and rest say their goodbyes.
Tags boxer, boxer4ever, boxerforever, broodwar, hwan, lim, skt, skt1, sktelecom, slayers_`boxer`, starcraft, t1, yo, yo-hwan

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