What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City (1901) Video

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an old Thomas Edison film with new music by Billy's Masonic Tavern.
The corner of 23rd Street and 6th Avenue was renowned for its gusty breezes that might allow a man to catch a glimpse of a woman's stockings. In this staged scene we see Alfred Abadie, an Edison cameraman, and Florence Georgie strolling along when Georgie has a Marilyn Monroe type moment.
This film was restored by the Library of Congress and was copied at 16fps from 35mm.
Director: Edwin S. Porter
Production Company: Edwin S. Porter
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white
silent version available on the Internet Archive keywords: Edison; silent
Creative Commons license: Public Domain
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BILLY'S MASONIC TAVERN: an open source improvised sound recording project.
An "open source improvised sound recording project" is a good place to start, but it doesn't really say it all.
Every Wednesday night persons assembled @ 2 Bond in glorious downtown St. Catharines. Everyone who came out was welcome to come up on stage and make some noise. There was always a wide variety of instruments to choose from and people were encouraged to play instruments they'd never played before, chant, tell jokes and make up songs off the 'top of their heads.' These sessions were recorded and digitally archived for posterity and beyond . . .
Persons who've passed thru have described the experience as: conceptual art, a noise band, a jam band, an initiation, group therapy, vibrational medicine, stream of consciousness sound poetry, a bunch of guys just hanging out and 'going off,' fifth-dimensional physical/psychological healing technology, primal scream therapy, a modern day 'Rites of Eleusis,' philanthropic anarchism, pure genius and utter crap.
Words cannot describe the Tavern.
No matter how much I say or how many of the recordings you listen to, you will still only be experiencing a very small part of what BMT was/is in truth. Nevertheless, I do hope that you take the time to look at the photos and listen to the recordings (the links are under music interests). It is a journey well worth taking and I guarantee that you will find the experience 'embiggening.' Enjoy!
Billy Mason + Sonic Tavern = Billy's Masonic Tavern
not associated with or in reference to any fraternal organizations living or dead
want more?
"Thee Everlovin' Lord Open is Niagara's #1 Time-travelling Spaceman composing sounds and images of interest, transmuting boredom into FUN! Ephphatha!"
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Tags billy's, bmt, edison, experimental, masonic, tavern

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