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If you've seen the Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, you know how much he thinks it sucks! If you haven't seen it, do that now! It's hilarious! However, the first time I watched it I wasn't laughing.I was pissed! How could he say this game sucks? I LOVED this game as a kid, though I clearly remember it sending me into a temper tantrum on more than one occasion. After giving his review a chance, I decided to play it again without the veil of childhood to blur my vision. As it turns out, he may be right about some things. I still love this game though it IS severely hindered by some rather glaring game design flaws that keep it from being the great classic game I remember. In the near future I will be posting some videos of great games of the past that may have slipped under your radar. If you're interested, please subscribe! I would like to thank Reyes for help recording the video and being a good sport about me cutting his big scene, Andrew for being in the day/night skit (sorry it's too dark to see your zombie costume!), my parents for being so supportive and watching this video a million times (and of course for letting me live in their basement), Josh for his valuable input, Arthur Bullock for his meticulous attention to detail and help editing this video down to 10 minutes (I could have gone on a lot longer!), A.V.G.N. for being awesome, and of course YOU for watching my video and reading this ridiculously long description! You are the winner! The music at the beginning and toward the end of the video was made by me (for more video game-esque music by me, go to: ) all other music belongs to their respective games. Thanks for watching! Peace.
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