Smash Bros Brawl COMPREHENSIVE Moveset - Mr. Game & Watch Video

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This video's intent is to demonstrate just about all of the character's moves, throws, taunts, special moves, and final smash. I also share some brief thoughts of mine after playing this game a lot.
Mr. Game and Watch is one of the most improved characters from Melee to Brawl. He is no longer light as a feather, being KO'd at low percentages. While I certainly wouldn't call him heavy, the point is he can take a few hits now. Additionally, he now has fantastic recovery. The parachute comes out automatically after his B+Up is used, and you can still attack after you use a B+Up. You can even do B+Up again if you really want to. His moves now have much greater knockback than they did. I'm pretty sure a level 9 hammer is an auto-kill. His down+B is his bucket attack, which I think I forgot to show but it can absorb 3 attacks, then unleash a blast. G&W is better, faster, stronger, and his down taunt is certainly.. taunting.
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