Metal Gear Solid 2 - Emma's Death (Complete) Part 2 Video

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THIS ONE HAS THE HUG and the most cut footage from the downloadable files. They cut all the way from after the hug to Raiden asking if Otacon will be okay! What the heck. Otacon's breakdown after he walks away is a really sad and effective little scene, but most importantly Otacon's monologue about how he learned how to love is an important insight into his character. Incidentally it also massively hints at SnakeOtacon, but that's more like a surprise bonus. :D
There was actually a little bit more to this I missed cause I forgot it happened. Basically, Arsenal surfaces and there's a shot of Otacon in the helicopter circling above looking worried. It's not that important though.
Did you notice that it's Snake who initiates the hug? 8D
Tags cry, death, ee, emma, emmerich, gear, hal, handshake, hug, love, metal, otacon, parrot, pliskin, raiden, snake, solid

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