Metal Gear Solid 2: European Extreme Part 2 Video

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Now for the FUN part!
Part 2 goes from the beginning of the Plant to the Harrier. Because of the length, the quality might be a little rocky, but it will do.
This isn't suppose to be a speed run. I'm not yet ready for a Big Boss Rating. I still need to master the Tenga fights.
It looks like a clean run, but I actually screwed up a few times against Fatman. I lost site of him and he planted 5 bombs.I edited out the continues.
A few of these stunts may look familier. As I said before, I learned some of this from that Extreme run from years ago. I forgot the dude's name, but I think it started with a "T".
I had a HARD time with this level years ago. After you've been spotted about 400 times and killed by the bosses in 1 hit over and over in your first runs threw this level, you'll get the hang of it. I'm still working on the run beyond this point. I hope to have it up soon. The Emma Sniping part and Tenga fights still give me trouble.
You have no idea how many times I had to do this before I was FINALLY satified with one to upload! -_-
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