Metal Gear Solid 4 - The Boss Extreme: Act 1, Part 1 Video

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I've been playing this game constantly since the release and after beating Hard yesterday, the time has come for Extreme, or "The Boss Extreme" as it's called in this game. Should be fun.
This isn't going to be a perfect playthrough. I will make sure not to have any continues in my videos, but there are no other rules. I will do mistakes, I will take damage, I will get spotted, I will use Rations and people will definitely die. Maybe I'll do a perfect run later.
All the routes and strategies were figured out by yours truly. Maybe some of them are great, but I'm pretty sure it can be done better in many cases. You are free to tell me about it, but if you tell me that I suck, I will kick your ass and it will hurt. You have been warned.
This video covers the beginning of the game, up to the point where you meet Drebin. I hadn't slept for almsot 24 hours when I did this, but I'm very satisfied with my playing, except for a couple of near-fatal mistakes in the basement. You'll see what I mean.
So, to those who wanted more MGS, this is what you'll get. I will upload a video every third day, unless I get stuck somewhere.
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