Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - Escaping the Cell (Otacon) Video

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I noticed that in the movie clips I've downloaded for MGS:TT, they have the Ninja escape from the jail cell and not the Otacon one, which I think is hilarious. SO I RECORDED IT MYSELF. THIS IS WHY THERE IS AN *UTTERLY RETARDED* MOVE ON MY PART NEAR THE END. I'm so glad that I was recording for that sequence so now you can see it. The pause after it happens where I go to the codec screen is when I slammed my forehead against the table going OH MY GOD WHY DID I DO THAT
ANYWAY, cute stuff. Gotta love how Snake just roughs Otacon up when he's asking for help. Bipolar much Snake jeez. Broke another pair of Otacon's glasses too! He must go through those like candy.
Hee, Otacon and his little nerdcrush on Sniper Wolf. Aww.
I still can't believe I screwed that up.
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