Metal Gear Solid - Patriot Video

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From the maker of the hit videos MGS -Beat it! and MGS - Die another Day comes ANOTHER video based on ANOTHER entireley different aspect of music!
Hello my dear fans (and new viewers), apologies to those that have been waiting 7 months for my new video, well here it is!
I decided that perhaps it was time to move on from Twin Snakes and Sons of Liberty and focus mainly on the prequel (and 3rd game) MGS3: Snake Eater. I implemented the music from the third game with various clips spanning throughout the game. The key into making this video was not just throwing in chunks of clips, but to sequence it all bit by bit, adding video effects, transitions and other aspects to ensure that the viewers do not get bored of it within 20 seconds. This took me about a week and a few days to create, little jinks and editing problems that i missed out, or out of sync music/sounds.
I uploaded this before but it was not the best of my standards (and my standards are pretty flipping high). So i removed it, changed some stuff and voila! Heres my latest work! Enjoy!
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Original Soundtrack
Disk 1 - 04 - Virtuous Mission
Disk 2 - 05 - Sidecar - Escape From The Fortress
Legal Stuff (never be too careful):
Metal Gear Solid(R) Snake Eater(TM)(C)and/or Subsistance(TM)(C)
1987 2007 Konami Computer Entertainment Japan.
KONAMI(R) is a registered trademark of KONAMI CORPORATION.
All Rights Reserved Hideo Kojima and KONAMI.
Published by KONAMI
All Music and Soundtrack Rights Reserved to Phantom (Japan) and their respective composers: Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino, Cynthia Harrell, TAPPY, and Starsailor.
On no account am i stating that this orginal material is mine. This fan made video was intended for the fans of the Metal Gear Series.
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