Zelda UO Hylian 1 Video

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Legend Of Zelda: Unknown Origins
Hylian Chapter: Part 1
It's finally here! XD Stupid school got in my way but I finally got it online! Though it's just as short as the other episodes, backgrounds have been photoshoped! And you'll notice that characters look much smoother than from previous episodes. ^^ I hope everyone likes it. Cause I'm sure sick of animating it these past few months! XP Well I hope you all enjoy cause I'm gonna get started on Episode 7 very soon! Anyway, let the beginning of this new chapter to begin! ^^
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Legend Of Zelda: Unknown Origins is an independent animation series created off of the original Legend Of Zelda story lines by Shigeru Miyamoto(creator of Zelda) and Nintendo. Though I am the creator of the Zelda UO series, I take no credit for Zelda, it's story, or any of its characters. They are all Copyright Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo.
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