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everyone comes in diffrent shapes and sizes if u didnt notice, It dosnt matter if she is skinny or fat she is still great either way, She is talented and also a great singer, And U call ur self a fan,If u were then u wouldnt judge her by her weight!! ur should be ashamed, ANYONE ELSE THATS SAYS SHE IS FAT, Will get what coming to them, Beacuse i am gettin fed of peaple sayin it, If ur family was fat wat would u do jst sit there nd call them fat NO, So think of others and dnt posted stpuid shitty comments on my video!
comment for the fans of raven that say she is fine the way she is:
PureConfusion335 Great comment!:
You rock and thanks for your comment, so1993
Raven Symone is perfect the way she is. She's talented, and I'm proud to be a fan of hers. Not only is she a great singer, but she's a fabulous singer and a genuinely nice person. I saw her in concert, and I just have to say that this girl is special. If you're going to diss her because she's "fat", yes javamony I am talking to you in particular, then you really need to look over how you treat people. Maybe your just insecure about yourself or something, and putting people down makes you feel better about yourself, but in any case you are wrong because Raven is a great girl. And I'm proud to admit that I am 14 and a fan of hers, because she is a special person. Just because she isn't materialised into a size zero doesn't mean that she's obese. She's natural, and obviously being natural is working for her because she's more famous than a lot of skinny singers who lack talent. Raven Symone is my role model, and I just wish you people would let her live her life the way she wants-in a healthy and natural way.
raven is fine the way she is petition:
PureConfusion335 aka Heather,
Ghostlywreck A.K.A CALVIN,
1dbad aka Dakota,
Ur name here (Go on the forum and sign it)
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