Bleach: Huge Hollow techno mix Video

Time4 min
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The song is "Ichirin no Hana (Huge Hollow Mix)". I came across this song when I was looking for Stepmania files, and I'm glad. This song is the right amount of techno and rock for me. Also, it was begging to be made into an AMV. Although, I'm sure someone more experienced could've done better (I got lazy on some parts because the song is 4+ mins of fast beats and rockers screaming). I also had to cut this down about 24 mbs, because the original high quality is 54 mbs. So, this MAY BE A LONG LOAD for some people. But if you like techno and Bleach, I believe the wait is worth it. Also, after the first 30 or so seconds, you might wanna turn down your speakers if they're up high. The song's kind of loud. And one last thing, the song is basically a recap on the Zaraki fight, the Byakuya fight, and the Grimmjow fight. I couldn't fit H!Ichigo in there because of time reasons. D:
Tags amv, anime, bleach, byakuya, grimmjow, ichigo, kenpachi, music, opening, rock, rukia, techno, theme, zaraki

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