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There is actually 3 squirrels in this. 2 main ones. One is brown with white on it's belly and one is gray. (I have black hair with the gray one and brown with the brown. if that helps)
and yes, these were my pets.
The White Stripes - Little Acorns
I never planned on making this video, I just randomly found a bunch of old vids and decided to make an epic squirrel montage :)
-No, my name is not Janet. (but that would be really cool if it was :)
-No, I do not have these squirrels anymore. I can't find any squirrels in Cali. :(
-There are 3 different squirrels in this video. One was named Stewart (who is brown and has a white belly) and we raised him and let him go into our backyard, but he still sticks around. The second one, Squeely (the gray one) was my most favorite one, he did tricks and would follow me around the house but he died of a really bad infection. He was the best pet I've ever had. :( and the third one died shortly after we got him cuz he was injured when we found him.
-We saved all three of the squirrels cuz they had all fallen out of their nests and would have gotten eaten by cats if we didn't.
-NO, squirrels are NOT legal and you cannot just get one from a pet store. You're not supposed to keep them, but when you live out in the middle of nowhere (like I did) and if they NEED saving and if you actually care enough to learn how to care for them and are willing to invest the time it takes to care for them, then it's whatev.
-NO, You CANNOT just go up and touch random full grown squirrels. They will bite your fingers off and some can carry diseases. I raised these from babies and tamed them, that's the only reason I was able to hold them like this.
-NO, you should not go out and try to find a baby squirrel to steal from it's mother. the only reason we had these is cuz they were in danger and we lived in the middle of nowhere, and we cared enough to actually read up on them and learn everything we could about them.
if you find a baby squirrel, try taking it to a vet or animal shelter.
Tags acorns, britini, britinimartini, epic, girl, little, martini, montage, squirrel, stripes, white

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