Boxer's Bunker Rush x3 Video

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2004-11-12, Ever OSL Semi-Finals Bo5, SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs [NC]YellOw
This upload is for BoxerForEver, I joined all 3 games into one video.
3 times in a row, Boxer bunker-rushed YellOw and finished off the Semi-finals in less than half an hour. His simple yet very strong rushes did not give YellOw a single chance to counteract. The games later caused a huge debate among Starcraft fans all over the internet about Boxer's TvZ imbalance.
Personally my heart went for Yellow when I watched those VODs back in 2004, what you need to understand is how amazingly tough is the road to OSL semi-finals, both players had to beat so many top progamers in games to reach this far, and to end it so fast and decisive was too cruel. Look at Boxer's face after its all over- not even a smile, he knows exactly how much that hurt his rival and friend. but thats Boxer for you, fact is that no one else tries this kind of stuff in such important games that matter so much, Bunker rushes became insanely more 'popular' after this matchup.
Manifesto from TL wrote about this matchup:
"Maps dont matter, starting positions dont matter. It was all the same.
Boxer rax, depot, 6 scv + 2 marine rush, Yellow 12 hatch evertime, gg x3. In only one game did Yellow even get a unit other than a drone, overlord, or zergling.
The rush by Boxer was perfect. His timing was such that unless Yellow went pool first, there was no way he could stop this rush. Boxer said after he wanted to play an low economy control based game, but instead he just won."
Also read about it in Sense of Star review:
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