Heart Piece Locations 11 - 20 : Twilight Princess Video

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*There are 45 pieces in all, the videos cover all of them
*Yes, you can go back and get any heart pieces
*Im not going to make a poe location video
This is a video guide showing where to find the heart pieces. See my channel for the other videos.
In order from video:
Piece 11: Kakariko Village, South Entrance.
Piece 12: Kakariko Gorge, on top of the rock formation in the gorge.
Piece 13: Spirit Cave, Lake Hylia.
Piece 14: Southern Plateau, Lake Hylia. South of the howling stone. Bomb the suspicious looking wall.
Piece 15: Lake Hylia.
Piece 16: Western Section of Lake Hylia. Complete this mini-game with 10,0 + points.
Piece 17: Lakebed Temple. In the main room with the large chandelier.
Piece 18: Lakebed Temple. B2 room with waterspouts and a bridge on the floor.
Piece 19: Hyrule Castle Town. Donate 10 rupees to the old man.
Piece 20: Henna's Fishing Hole. Paddle toward the big tree in the middle of the pond.
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