Liason 9/12/08 Scenes Video

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**kept the 10 second Jason and Cody scene in**
Hott ass Jason yells at Karpuss,with Liz in hiding,telling him that if he targets anyone else under his protection, he will go after him next.Karpuss tells Jason it'd be a tragedy should the situation escalate further.Jason tells Liz to leave, but she tells him she knows what he is capable of, and though she doesn't like it, she can seperate it from who he is.Cody tells Jason about a suspicious phone call from Karpuss.Jason takes off with Cody and checks out the clinic.Liz shows up at the Penthouse and Jason tells her he has a meeting.Liz tells Jason to stop running from her.Jason tells her he doesn't want to hurt her because he can't make her happy.Jason admits they could make a relationship work for a while, but then somebody would get hurt and they wouldn't be able to deal with theirselves.Jason tries telling Liz that his killing people is nothing Liz should want in her life.Jason asks Liz why she loves him.Liz says she can't explain her love for him and it's illogical.Liz goes to kiss Jason and Liason fans rejoice!
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