Quitgas! Clean, Quiet, Fun, Electric Motorcycle Video

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Backyard project to create a form of local transportation WITHOUT burning gasoline. Since I work within 5 miles of my home and do a lot of local running around, the idea was to leave the car at home and commute with clean, quiet electric power as much as possible.
Have been on the road only a few weeks -- still in the testing/adjusting phase, but so far it looks like this:
Bike has a lot (too much) low end torque so it is pretty quick from a standing start. However, the top speed right now is about 45mph. Since I started with a low 6:1 gear ratio, I have plenty of room to change gearing for more top speed -- however, since I use this locally (mostly on 35mph city streets), I don't really need much more speed. Also, I chose the Alltrax controller because it comes with free software so I can plug my laptop into the bike and adjust motor power, throttle curve, etc.
I'm currently using four 12 volt batteries for a 48 volt bike. Since this was an "experiment" and my first EV, I used the cheapest batteries I could find (Wal-Mart 85 ah Marine batteries at about $45 each). They are, however, working out well for now.
Plugs in to any standard 120 volt household outlet and takes about 6 hours to charge (not really sure since I plug it in at night and it's ready in the morning). The math says the range would be about 30 miles on a charge, but it's looking like much less than that right now. Again, actual numbers coming as soon as I complete testing and adjusting.
Total cost to build is about $2,800 which includes the cost of the original bike, the (all-new) motor and electronics, new tires, etc. Cost to run (electricity) should be about 2 cents per mile.
Some Details :
D&D SepEx Motor (about 45 ft-pd torque at 20rpm)
400 Amp Alltrax Controller with PC link
Four 12 volt deep cycle marine batteries (Wal-Mart)
Four on-board battery chargers
More details coming soon. . . . . .
Thanks to
Nancy Avalos -- garage help, photographer, food runs!
Andy Limon (the "Rocket Scientist" from Street Tuner Challenge) -- advice and encouragement!
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