Top 12 Final Fantasy X Songs Video

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In My Opinion, The Top XII Best Songs on the Final Fantasy X OST.
12 - Oui Are Al Bhed
11- Battle Theme
10- Calm Before The Storm
9- Tidus' Theme
8- Rikku's Theme
7- Suteki Da Ne Orchestrated (Rikki)
6- Yuna's Theme
5- The Revealed Truth
4- To Zanarkand
3- Sprouting
2- ? ?
1- ? ? ? ? ? =D
(Victory Fanfare appears at the end of the video)
These are just my opinion, please feel free to comment on what u think it shud be, or on my selection :D.
Also check out my FF7, ff8, ff9 and ff AC ones, might have a piano one coming soon
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