Top 12 Final Fantasy IX Songs Video

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In My Opinion, The Top XII Best Songs on the Final Fantasy 9 OST.
*13- Sword of Doubt *
12 - Protecting My Devotion (think i prefer Loss Of Me Now)
11- Hunter's Chance
10- Black Mage Village
9- Jesters Of The Moon
8- The Place I'll Return To Someday
7- Vamo Alla Flamenco
6- Run!
5- Boss Theme
4- Feel My Blade
3- You're Not Alone
2- ?
1- ? =D
(Fanfare appears at the end of the video)
Just what i think they should be, altho i did rush it a little. Please comment and rate :). the actual order isnt important, whats important is the songs for you to listen to :)
Sorry i changed my mind lol, Black mage village and Sword of doubt would be a lot higher up if i cud do it again ( Which i can, but i cant be assed :P). Also, dont mention Dark Messenger please, i hadnt really listened to the song when i made the video, and i rushed it a lot. i do like the song and id place it about. number 5.
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