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Note: This is not a challenge fight, it is a display fight, which is why I purposly toned down my junctions with weak magic. Quistis is LV100, Irvine is LV13, and Squall is LV7.
If there's one fight that people get stuck on in the game, this is the fight. It's non-optional too. Right at the beginning of Disc 4, you can fight Adel. She (yes it's a woman, hence sorceress) is argubley the hardest storyline boss in the game. She has powerful moves, has a good amount of HP, and to top it off, she has Rinoa hostage. This means you can't do multi-hit attacks, Limits, or GFs. Using them risks killing Rinoa if she takes too much damage. I'm not sure how much HP Rinoa can have usually, but with my current mixed matched party she had 90 HP.
To make the fight last longer, I equipped a weaker str junction as usual. Adel is LV40 in this fight, because enemies levels are determined by the average of your current parties level. So 100, 7, and 13 average to 40. It's unbalanced but it gives Adel better stats to make it more interesting. After all, an average or new player to this game wouldn't know this most likely.
Anyway, cast Regen on Rinoa so she has a better chance of surviving. You can Cure her from time to time too, especially if you accidentally damage her. Speaking of which, I took a risk by using Renzokuken. I had my damage toned down, so it wouldn't kill her anyway. So I just figured if Fatal Circle or Blasting Zone comes out, I can just Curaga her after. That's why I casted Protect on her too. Adel's worst move is Ultima. And it does hurt to get hit by it, don't underestimate it. I'd make sure at least one person is in Shell status before Ultima comes out. But yea, people that don't understand the Junction System usually get stuck on this fight. GF spamming only gets you this far in the game.
If you're curious about the storyline at this part, you find out Edea transferred her powers as a sorceress to Rinoa, making Rinoa a sorceress. You find out Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future, possesses sorceresses from the past. So they come up with a plan to kill Ultimecia. They figure out Ultimecia wants to compress time, but she can't go far back into the past enough to do it, so Ellone sends Rinoa's conciousness into the past while she's possessed by Ultimecia, which in return sends Ultimecia farther into the past to achive time compression. Of course, they figure this is the only way to get to her. So after Ellone uses her powers, you get a little crazy scene of time compression, which basically is like some crazy acid drug trip. That's about it. Oh, and Adel is an evil sorceress, she basically wants control of the world. Not as even as Ultimecia, who wants to compress and "destroy" time, but still evil nonetheless.
Only three more fights to record. Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon, and final boss. All of those fights will be everyone at LV100.
Tags adel, fantasy, ff8, ffviii, final, viii

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