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Note: This is not a challenge fight, it is a display fight, which is why I purposly unjunction my Strength stat and toned down my junctions. And read the tiny FAQ at bottom if you're wondering how you can not level up or how to get Lion Heart on Disc 1.
Alrighty, this is the Fujin & Raijin fight. They are close friends of Seifer and now that Seifer left Balamb Garden to join the Sorcerress, Fujin and Raijin leave too, to support him, despite what they think is right. Either way you first fight Raijin in a kind of warm up battle. This is sort of a joke fight. You shouldn't have any problems. I chose this fight as I like Raijin and Fujin (they got jipped in KH2). Rajin has a weird habit of ending his sentences with "ya know", and Fujin has a weird way of talking period, by voicing no more than a few words at a time.
The second fight is Fujin with Raijin again. Believe it or not but this fight can be the hardest fight yet if you're too unprepared. By unprepared I mean lack of junctions or GFs. Such as a first playthrough where most people miss the optional GFs. If you get every GF up to this point (Tonberry aside), you can have everyone with a junctionable stat. Raijin gains a new "Raijin Special" attack. It does a decent amount of damage if you don't have a Vitality Junction or a not so great magic junctioned to it. Fujin can be rather dangerous. She has Tornado. If you get caught off guard by this move it can kill you. But her Zan move is laughable. Raijin will use a High Potion and restore 10 HP once you do enough damage, unless you KO him. So make sure you don't go all out on him only to have him restore 10 HP. Fujin won't restore her HP, but I'm sure she'll cast Tornado more when low on HP.
Anyhow, to make the fight last a little longer I ended up Draw Casting Cura on Fujin so I could pull off a decent Limit on her. I was hoping for Lion Heart, but Blasting Zone is just as cool. KH2 related, Blasting Zone is the only similar attack Squall/Leon has in KH2 that relates to FFVI. In KH1 he has a move like Rough Divide, but not in KH2. Oh, and don't forget to Draw Pandamona from Fujin. This is the first GF that gives you the Speed Junction (you have to learn it first). Oh, and I also toss an Ultima at Rajin in the first fight for fun. IMO, Ultima looks the best in this FF. It techically is possible to get 100 or more Ultimas at this point in the game via Shumi Villages' pay Draw point, but it would take hours and hours, not worth it. So I only have 6 from the Draw point in FH (Of course I didn't save after this display fight).
Also, in case no one noticed, I decided to take the time to neatly organize my videos in Playlists that you can view on my main page. So now you can find videos you might be interested in of mine by categories instead of randomly flipping through all 500+ videos of mine. Someone gave me the idea to, I don't remember who, but from now on I'll add to them when I upload new videos.
Q: How do you not level up? Aren't there forced fights that give you exp?
A: Well, bosses don't give you exp (as you see in the video). Soldier fights do, but if you cast Break on them, to petrify them, you don't get exp. If you use the Card ability on monsters, you don't get exp from them either.
Q: How do you learn Card ability without leveling up?
A: Use Seifer when he's in your Party at Dollet. KO Squall and Zell and let Seifer level up the GFs and their abilities (Ifrit needs to be LV10 if you want Lion Heart on disc 1). Since Seifer never joins the Party again, it still counts as a no level game. It's impossible if you don't do this.
Q: How do you get Break magic this early on?
A: Win Cockatrice cards and use Quez's Card Mod ability to mod them into Cockactrice Pinions and then use Diablos' Status RF Magic ability to refine a Pinion into 20 Breaks.
Q: How did you get spells like Meltdown, Tornado, Quake, etc, this early on?
A: Same as above, mass playing the Card game. Things like an Abyss Worm card mod into a Windmill which refines into 20 Tornados, and a Gayla card mods into Mystery Fluid which mods into 10 Meltdowns. Curse Spike from Tri-face card mods into 10 Pains, Quakes from Dino Bones, etc. You can get tons of decent magic just from card playing, though it takes time. That is why my gameplay time is at 20 hours.
Q: How the hell can you get Lion Heart on Disc 1?
A: for more info. Basically, you get an Adamantine from modding one of the Brothers cards, then 4 Dragon Fangs from killing a low level Grendel (card it). And the 12 Pulse Ammo are a complete pain in the ass. You gotta win 20 Elnoyle cards (this'll take at least 5 hours to pull off), then mod them into 2 Energy Crystals, which mods into 20 Pulse Ammo. Also, make sure you got Ifrit to level 10 with Seifer in Dollet or else he can't learn his Ammo RF ability.
Q: I still don't think any of this is possible. Where's the proof?
A: Try to be less ignorant.
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