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War Zone video FaQs.
#1: What is the name of the song?. the song name is "Days of Revenge" by Ramallah
#2: i heard this movie will be edited down to PG-13, is this true?. No! The MPAA has offically rated it R for "pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use.
#3: What happened to Lexi? Is she really fired?. from the best that we can find out, Lexi is still involved with the project to a certain degree.. also remember, unless your an A list director, very rarely do you ever have a significant say in the final theater cut.
#4: Where is the skull?. the skull is there, only faded.. it's more visable in the other trailers.. they decided to go with the Batman Begins approach with the skull, and toned it down a little bit.
#5: Where is Tom Jane?. back in mid 2007 he walked away from the project, citing creative differences. but in an interview with Kurt Sutter (then writer) said his departure may have been due more to monitary reasons than a lousy script. (remember, Tom Jane is the man that was in Deep Blue Sea afterall lol)
#6 Who is this Ray Stevenson? I have never heard of him. Ray is an actor, who has started his career a little late (which is why u probably havent heard of him).. his credits include playing Dagonet in the 2004 film King Arthur and Titus Pullo in the acclaimed HBO series ROME. He also stared in a low budget British Horror film called Outpost
#7: What run of the comics is this based off of?. this movie will follow along the lines of the MAX run. But they are drawing elements from earlier runs such as Marvel Knights and the War Zone/War Journal days as well, ie: Jigsaw, Microchip, Detective Soap, Agent Paul Budiansky, Pitsy, Ink, Nicky Cavella, Cristu Bulat and Maginty will be appearing in the film.. each character has their own place in the vast timeline of the Punisher story-arch.
#8 will this have a score, or heavy metal music?. yes it will have a score, and it's being composed by Michael Wandmacher (Cry Wolf).. the heavy metal music is strictly for the soundtrack album and closing credits.
#9 This movie looks like all violence with no substance. while yes, this movie does have a great deal of violence - so do the comics. The majority of the violence you are seeing to the left, is about 95% from the very beginning and the very end. The bulk of the movie will have a story, and one that explores Frank's pain and why he does what he does, and that he realizes there is a price to pay for what he does.. all of this is according to Ray Stevenson, and both writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.
if you want more detail on this movie, please IMDB and either ask the regulars on the board, or look up the FAQs.
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