Crysis - Mass Physics Video

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Frequently asked questions:
Q: What song is this?
A: "Pretty Pet" by Aberdeen City
Q: Is this realtime?
A: No, it was rendered frame by frame slowly using this method:
Q: What game is this?
A: The game is "Crysis" but the island and box placement and such was made with the "Sandbox editor" that is included with the game.
Q: What are your PC specs?
A: Intel Core 2 Duo 4300 (1.8GHz) processor, overclocked to 2.2GHz, 2GB 800MHz RAM, Nvidia 512mb 7900GS GPU (DX9).
But PC specs don't really matter to rendering a video, as long as you can run Crysis and can handle the rendering of the objects, you could render a video smoothly using the method linked above.
Q: What map is that/how do I make structures?
A: You can download the man made out of boxes from here:
You can then change the boxes around and make your own structures, select objects and press ctrl + c to clone them.
Q: How do I use the sandbox editor?
A: Search elsewhere for a tutorial (including how to install it etc.).
Q: What do those commands at the start mean?
A: See the tutorial for rendering a video here:
Q: What is this video about?
A: The video isn't about how good Crysis or Cryengine2 is but it was actually made simply because I liked the look of lots of boxes flying around and structures collapsing etcetera and thought other people might like to see this also.
Q: Any higher quality versions?
A: Streaming:
And you can download the video at 640 x 480 (the resolution I recorded at so I can't get any better) from here:
If you want to upload it elsewhere yourself, please ask me rather than uploading yourself and I'll see what I can do.
Q: Why were the boxes flying?
A: I used tornadoes to make them fly all over the place, they were invisible because particles were disabled to stop the rendering of dust clouds when each box collided with each other.
The settings of the tornadoes where changed around such as in some clips there was no rotation.
There was one clip that used a "GravityVolume" found in Misc in objects in the rollup bar.
Q: How do you increase the draw distance?
A: The console command e_view_dist_ratio sets the visibility for objects, I had it set at 200 in the later clips.
Q: Don't physics still lag with sys_physics_CPU 0?
A: Yes, they do a bit at really heavy clumps of objects colliding, but it's so much smoother than if set at 1 when there's that many physical interactions going on and I think it's an actual physics engine problem where they can lock when colliding, they can't get past what's infront of them rather than it actually lagging like when it's set to 1.
If there was nothing in the way of a moving object, it won't lag on 0 but can on 1.
For more info, see the tutorial (first link in this description).
I really reccommend checking out more songs by Aberdeen City if you like this song.
Q: Are you going to make another one?
A: I'm trying to but am having many problems both with the engine and in real life too.
In the mean time check out the video responses to this video for other people's mass physics videos and you can also make your own and send it as a response and I'll approve it if it's a mass physics video.
I PANT3RA I approves of this video.
Tags capture_frames, crysis, games, physics, pre, rendering, sys_physics_cpu, video

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