Star Wars IV- Cut scenes, Biggs's Return Video

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When it comes to A NEW HOPE, Biggs Darklighter really took a beating as far as deleted scenes go. The first missing scene involving Biggs from A NEW HOPE (according to the STAR WARS novelization) was to occur just after a different scene that also ended up deleted featuring Luke and Treadwell, his trusty droid helper.
Luke Skywalker, full of excitement at having seen some starships in the sky above Tatooine, races towards the Toshi Station (located in Anchorhead) to tell his friends about the battle he's just witnessed which we all know is the capture of the Tantive IV. In transit, Luke almost runs down an old woman with his landspeeder. She turns and yells at Luke to slow down. Luke hops out of his speeder and runs into the Toshi Station where he finds his friends Camie, Fixer, Deak and Windy relaxing and enjoying the day. Deak and Windy are in the back area playing a game that resembles pool or air-hockey or something, while Camie and Fixer nap at a desk - Camie in Fixer's arms. Luke scrambles in waking them up and then notices another guy in the room. It's Biggs Darklighter, who had left Tatooine the previous season to join the Imperial Academy. Luke is overwhelmed with joy to see his old friend again.
They start to talk a little but then Luke remembers the real reason he came by and urges everyone to come outside for a look. Deak and Windy, however, remain inside writing off the event as one of Wormie's delusions. Luke's nickname in the film is obviously "Wormie," in case you haven't noticed by now.
When they get outside, Luke points to where the action was and Biggs takes a look using Luke's macrobinoculars. He does see two ships but no action and tells the little crowd so. Then Camie grabs the binocs and has a look for herself. The disappointed group retreats back inside the station without Luke who remains outside looking (and feeling) embarrassed.
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