Medieval II Total War Cinematic Editor Tutorial - Part I Video

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This video tutorial shows you how to make professional Medieval 2 Total War videos.
Make sure you have the patch 1.2 or newer installed before starting with this.
To successfully make your video, you need the *.rar file that I have linked here. Choose one of the following files, depending on how you want to use the Cinematic Editor:
Cine-ed on vanilla Medieval 2:
Cine-ed on Kingdoms:
Cine-ed on mods:
Cine-ed on Broken Crescent:
Cine-ed on Stainless Steel 6:
How to use them is explained in the video tutorials Part I - I.
A better version of the video can be downloaded on Veoh or on FileFront:;11991301;/fileinfo.html
Here is a forum post that answers a lot of questions:
Here are some tips for your Cinematic Editor work, posted by Caliban:
] :jump to next keyframe
[ :jump to previous keyframe
insert: place an animation keyframe
right-mouse(edit window): hold to scrub through selected camera track in edit window
right-mouse(view window): hold to mouse-look
spacebar: plays current camera track from red marker (right mouse) but not the replay file
shift-rightmouse: sets a blue position marker to rewind or fast-forward in the track view.
TAB : swaps into selected camera or out to free-cam
WASD: moves the selected camera (must be on a keyframe or free-cam mode)
R : move camera up (must be on a keyframe or free-cam mode)
F: move camera down (must be on a keyframe or free-cam mode)
arrow keys: camera (must be on a keyframe or free-cam mode)
CapsLock: Display side camera view
- Left click on the edit view before laying keyframes or editing, sometimes it doesn't enable until left clicked
- use ] and [ to select the new camera start key before editing
- create 2 batch files to start cined. One for edit mode and one for render mode. Set your edit mode config to contain low graphic details for faster editing (especially with large armies). Set your render config for full graphic detail (for better quality).
- don't use cameras in different (shorter) replays, you will lose keyframes. Longer replays are fine.
- If the editor begins to load and then quits back to desktop, check your config settings, make sure there is a valid replay (camera not needed) setup and the paths are correct.
- use the linear in and linear out function (straight line buttons) to create continual movement on your keyframes. Use the curve function to create smooth in and out movement on your keyframes.
- make sure you enough disk-space for rendering movies. About 1.5 gig for every 5 seconds of uncompressed footage at 30fps.
(complete FAQ here: )
Q: I want to start the Cinematic Editor but it only loads Medieval II in a window. What am I doing wrong?
A: 1) Make sure that you have installed Patch 1.2 or newer or the expansion pack.
2) Check all file names and file paths in the cine-ed_edit.cfg and cine-ed_render.cfg. Are you sure that the installation path of your game is the same as the paths in the *.cfg-file? Do you have a localized windows version, that means your game is not installed at
C:\Program Files\SEGA\
Q: I'm getting black renders when using the render.bat. What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?
A: 1) Does it playback ok in cined? Do you see the frames being rendered ok when you run the render? Keep in mind that the CineEd captures directly from the screen when rendering. Meaning, if you move your mouse cursor over the window while rendering it will capture it. If you have a screen-saver running while rendering, it will capture that too. Make sure you have your screen saver turned off and that you can see the frames rendering ok.
2) If you use Windows Vista, try to switch from the Aero interface to the standard Windows interface. Aero seems to cause the black rendered video. To disable Aero follow these steps: right-click on desktop, go to "Personalize", then "Theme", then under the Theme drop-down menu, go to "Windows Classic" then click "Apply" and no more Vista Aero! Go through the same steps to get the original theme back.
3) If your PC is too slow to play back the big and uncompressed rendered video files you should try and compress the video first.
4) When you export the rendered cameras into Adobe Premiere, make sure that the alpha channel is disabled. It let your scenes turn out black.
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