FF IX Excalibur II Perfect Game - Part 1 Intro & Alexandria Video

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Time10 min
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Hi folks. As you can see I finally got around to uploading these videos.
If you're curious about what exactly the requirements are for the "Excalibur II Perfect Game" then check Atomos199's guide. GameFAQs doesn't let external sites link to their FAQs so go here:
and scroll down to "Excalibur II Perfect Game Guide" for a full and detailed explanation.
A breif word about the pausing. This is a pretty obscure technique. The only page I could find about it was in Japanese so my understanding of it is limited to what Google auto-translated (not much), and what I discovered for myself by trial-and error. Basically, it's a technique which uses the fact that the timer DOES NOT RUN while the game is paused to have the console load data without the timer running. You can do it almost anytime there is a screen change but the amount of time saved is miniscule, and it would make the videos extremely tedious to watch, so the only time I use it is before and after skipping FMVs (the time saved here is considerable) and to avoid lag on certain screens.
I seem to have forgotten to explain HOW to do that disc speed trick in the beginning. Turn the PS2 on with no disc loaded (I just eject the tray) until you see that familiar "Browser/System Configuration" screen. Press triangle once to be taken to the first sub-menu, then press triangle again to get to the next sub-menu, where you can change the disc speed, and I throw on "smooth" texture mapping for the hell of it even though I don't notice any difference.
This segment turned out really good despite a few minor mistakes, none of which cost more than a second. Most of the time saved here comes from the Baku fight which was pure luck. I never expected to steal the Mage Masher on the first turn so I was pretty slow to input commands on the next round.
Tags alexandria, excalibur, fantasy, final, ii, ix, level, low, run, speed, speedrun

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