Sprut-SD. The 125 mm air-droppable tank. Video

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Sprut-SD. The only air-droppable & floatable tank in the world. (Exepting M113 in some mean)
Crew 3 -
Cross Country Speed 11 mps (22 kt) -
Height 3.6 m -
Length 7.2 m -
Main Gun Caliber 125 mm -
Main Gun Max Range 5,0 m (16,404 ft) -
Max Range 500 km (270 nm) -
Max Rate of Fire 7 rounds per minute -
Max Weight 18,0 kg (39,683 lb) -
Number of Weapons 40 -
Power 510 shp -
Top Speed 20 mps (38 kt) -
Width 3.2 m
Pronounced text translation:
The formidable Nona 120 mm air-dropped SPH is very liked by Russian brave paratroopers.
It's designed on the BTRD air-dropped floatable ATC basis.
The Russian designers have mastered to bring to Nona all the power of field Arty:
a gun, a howitzer, a mortar and even a rocket launch system.
However, Nona couldn't fill an important task: the anti-tank purpose.
The unique Nona abilities gave start to the whole family of 120 mm guns.
In addition, the Motovilikha corp. - a famous Grad, Uragan and Smerch MLRS manufacturer -|designed Vena 120 mm SPH.
It has BMP-3 chassis
Vena can fire standard Russian and foreign ammo
The light chassis for 125 mm tank MG was designed| by 'Volgograd tractors' corp.
The work on a light floatable tank they started before, But long time their prototypes remained without demand.
Now they've caught their chance.

Arkady Shabalin, the chief designer of 125 mm 'Sprut-SD' light tank: 'We were hurt by the lack of (Army) interest.
But we insisted to work on this vehicle, and it's liked (by Army) now.'

As a basis for future light tank/a-t SPG |the BMD-3 air-dropped IFC was chosen.
'Sprut-SD' was designed considering| the ability of the contemporary transport aviation.
The Il-76 planes could take as twice as more cargo then the previously models.
'We are used the possibility to increase the mass up to 18 metric tons.
The 7-rolls chassis instead of 5-roll of BMD-3 was used.
It can be called 'self-propelled anti-tank cannon'| or 'light air-dropped floatable tank' as well"

'Sprut-SD' has backward engine position
Its ammo consists 4 type of rounds, autoloader, |case extractor, FCS and 3-member crew.
Indeed, it's all the same as a tank excepting lighter armor.

The main enigma is combination of a powerful tank gun with so light chassis.
The one of the success key factors is its hydro-pneumatic suspension.
It allows the tracks tension and clearance.
It also damps recoil.
This innovative design was completed with a rather comfortable, ergonomic vehicle.
Unlike its main Western competitor (CV90-120), the new Russian light tank proved its excellent sail capability. Even in the troubled water, 'Sprut-SD' hit the coastal targets very well.
The new light tank has entered the Russian military service in 2005.
Nikolay Klochkov, the anti-tank art. Commander, 107 Guardian Airborne division: 'We had only a-t missiles before. Now we can struggle the tanks by their own weapon."
Now the NATO military block has 3rd gen. tanks. 'Abrams', 'Leo-2', 'Challenger' and 'Leclerk'.
It's was broad spread opinion before, that due to their superb armor, sensor and FCS they are invincible in a duel situation. However, the 125 mm 'Sprut-SD' MG can take on them very well.
So, 'Sprut-SD' can destroy all kinds of modern tanks. With its ability to hit tanks from 5 kilometers distance, and its maneuverability, transportability and low observability 'Sprut-SD' is going to change the modern battlefield.
Now the Russian light paratroopers can destroy the enemy tanks from secure distance.
New vehicle can fight in different climatic conditions, day and night.
Valery Yevtukhovich, the Commander of Russian Airborne forces: 'Sprut-SD' is universal system. Its powerful gun allows it to destroy effectively the broad spectrum of enemy targets".
When it fires the sensors and FSC react to the changed conditions of fire, target, atmosphere, barrel bending.
The installed computer gives for gunner the possibility to change the aiming from target to target very quickly.
Michel Farhuddinov, the 'Sprut-SD' gunner: "It's even better to fire during the moving,
thus the recoil is little felt.
With this stabilization system there is no problem in fire on move".
This vehicle can be transported by ships or
airdropped from the transport plane with its crew inside.
In 2 minutes after the landing, it's ready for fight.
When the era of nuclear weapon started then it was a lot of doubts in future anti-tank weapon expedience. Nevertheless, during last tens years the usually anti-tank weapons didn't lose its importance.
However, the totally innovative was only one system -- 'Sprut-SD'. It's designed especially for XXI century Blitzkrieg.
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