Ugly Betty - A strongly worded note to Gio (Gio/Betty) Video

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Betty is told by Amanda that Gio has a certain crush on her. More annoyed than pleased, and still drugged by Fey´s perfume, she decided to take immediate action and give Gio a piece of her mind.
Taken from Episode 12 of Season 2: "Odor in the Court". Where Betty expresses in paper how she feels about Gio.
Betty: I mean, God! Can you believe that Gio would actually say that?! I mean, imply that Henry would cheat on me with charlie? What a jerk!
Amanda: Yeah. I just came to see if you had any petty cash.
-It's like everything he does. everything he says. It just bugs me! Gets under my skin, you know, he just bugs me so much! Here!
-Is it hot in here? I'm sweating. Ooh, sparkly!
-Watch it, cheese fingers! You know, the only reason Gio talks to you like that is because he has a crush on you.
-Eww! No. He does not.
-I watch how he looks at you. when I'm really bored.
-Why? How does he look at me?
-It's just I saw it with every single guy I knew growing up, and their fathers. and some of their mothers.
-Well, I do not have a crush on Gio. I only have a crush on Henry. my perfect, handsome boyfriend, who has not called me in 12 hours. Mmm.
-What's that?
-Perfume. Claire Meade gave it to me. Henry likes the way it smells. So I wear it to remind me of him. You know what? I don't care if Gio likes me, because I don't like him!
And I'm gonna tell him to leave me alone in a strongly worded note! "Dear Gio". "I hate that name 'cause i don't like you. You are not my friend."
"Gio. Betty. Gio."
Gio, I have something for you! Gio! I have something for you. Don't ignore me! Open this door right now! This is so stupid. Don't ignore me. Gio! I need to talk to you. I need to talk to you right now! Oh! Gio!
Gio: So everyone is calling you a hero.
-Oh! look, Gio. I. I want to pay you back for that window I broke.
-Nah! forget it. Just, buy a couple of extra sandwiches and we´ll call it even.
-Oh! And. about that note that I left you.
-Hum. Yeah! The one where you called me a. "an annoying jerk"
-. "obnoxious"
-All right.
-."an arrogant"?!
-Okay! I was strong out on that perfume. It wasn´t me. I wasn´t in my right mind. But nobody has to ever see this again.
-Okay. Um. Okay.
Tags 2x12, amanda, america, becki, betty, clip, ferrera, freddy, gio, giovanni, newton, rodriguez, rossi, suarez, ugly

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