Michael Wittmann: WAFFEN SS "Tanks" 1/5 Video

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Michael Wittmann WAFFEN SS "Tanks"
Videos Running Time 00:47:00 in 5 Parts
Tanks: " Aces: Michael Wittmann "
This episode of Tanks chronicles the exploits of SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann (1914-1944)
Michael Wittmann's later actions are known to most readers in Normandy campaign. However, Wittmann began his career as a tank ace in actually an assault gun; the StuG I. In the Ukraine Whitmann found success with the StuG I against T-34's. He was credited with several victories during this time. On July 12, 1941, Wittmann received the first of many awards; the Iron Cross Second Class. When asked, at the presentation of the medal, if he had any special requests, Wittmann requested that a T-34 crew be given treatment afforded any brave soldier. His request was granted. Whitmann was awarded the; Iron Cross First Class on September 8th, 1941. Wittmann, his crew, and their StuG I nicknamed "Buzzard" were quickly making a name for themselves fighting against superior T-34/76.
On December 20th 1942 Wittmann completed the Officer Training course at Bad Tölz. He was commissioned a SS-Untersturmführer (2nd Lieutenant) and assigned to Heavy Panzer Replacement Battalion 500. Wittmann checked out in a long-barreled PzKw IV. Soon after Wittmann began training in the weapon that would make him famous; the PzKw VI "Tiger." As fortune would have it, he was paired with an excellent crew. One the soon to be best gunners in the Waffen-SS, Rottenführer Balthasar "Bobby" Woll first met Wittmann during this training. With Whitmann, Woll, loader Rottenführer Karl Berges, driver Rottenführer Gustav 'Gustl' Kirschmer and gunner/radio operator Rottenführer Herbert Pollmann the Waffen-SS had assembled one of the best tank crews in history.
Whitmann returned to the Russian Front assigned to 1 SS Panzer Grenadier "Leibstandarte." Whitmann was assigned to first a PzKw I J, but soon received command of a Tiger. During Operation "Zitadelle" (Kursk) Wittmann is credited with 30 victories and 28 anti-tank guns. Wittmann was awarded the Knight's Cross.
The famed battle that took place near Villers-Bocage. Wittmann single handedly blunt a large British offensive attempting capture Caen. In this action Whitmann destroyed 22 British armored vehicles
August 8th 1944 would be Wittmann's last battle. Wittmann's last crew consisted of; SS-Unterscharführer Karl Wagner as gunner, SS-Sturmmann Günther Weber as loader, SS-Unterscharführer Heinrich Reimers as driver, and SS-Sturmmann Rudolf 'Rudi' Hirschel as bow machine gunner and radio operator. Much controversy has surrounded Wittmann's death. Both Polish and British unit claim destroying his Tiger.
Wittmann's remains were located in 1982 and buried in France in 1983 at the Germany cemetery at La Cambe in Normandy
Enjoy this excellent episode of TANKS!!
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